PG Strike Freedom Prototype OUT!

I supposed this is BREAKING NEWS! as I am finishing the last bits of my MG Strike Freedom today (decals/stickers/topcoat). From Ngee Khiong, many important information have been revealed:

– Will be the largest PG release in terms of volume when the Super Dragoon is expanded.
– Customized display base is included.
– Dynamic poses are possible using the base with adjustable angle of display.
– Extra finish enhancement for the golden interior that will be exposed in High Maneuver mode and Full Burst mode. Gimmicks are incorporated for the exposure of the parts.

3 major design points:

– Gimmick for the release of the Super Dragoon
* Sliding action of the Super Dragoon is linked to various mechanism of the wing when it’s released
– Complete new mold for the movable frame
* Movable joints combine with expandable golden parts
* Further improvement of the slide mechanism of the interior and exterior parts as compared to PG Strike Gundam, which will effectively expose the golden finish parts.
– New mechanism for the joint design
* New joint design for the waist and leg to handle the weight and stress of the model. Durability of the joints is improved while posing capability is retained.

Weapons and accessories: beam shield, beam rifle x2, “Xiphias 3” railgun x2, Super Dragoon x8, display base.

Content: 55 runners in total, construction manual, commentary booklet, LED unit for the head, foil sticker, screw for LED lighting unit, spring x8, PET part for shield, clear sticker.

Packaging size is 600mm (width) x 400mm (height) x 180mm (depth).

December release, 26,250 Yen (inclusive of tax).

UPDATE: Supersize image of comparison with PG Red Frame. This time you can clearly see that the SF is almost a head or so taller than the RF o_o. Thanks to Bluefincorp for the image ;)

My positive thoughts:

– I hate to say this about a Gundam I hate… but that’s pretty good looking! VERY good looking! That Dragoon setup is pretty sweet!

– Display base looks like your usual rectangular base (Sky Grasper/00 Raiser)… don’t see anything special yet. Better than it being a special edition

– “Extra Finish enhancement” for the golden INTERIOR (keyword?)… I hope this means that it is not just the immediate outside and joints that are gold-plated. I would be SORELY disappointed if this is going to be half-assed just like the MG. The ENTIRE frame better be blinged out! Then again, this will pose a problem for topcoating…

– “Gimmicks are incorporated for the exposure of the parts”- This confirms at least SOME inner parts are plated I hope even if the entire frame won’t be… meaning anything that we could see, will be plated. This is perfectly fine too.

– Gimmick for the Super Dragoons… good thing it’s not a basic slide in/out like the MG- the dragoons cannot hang on the wings half-deployed as it will just slide right off. I like the setup in the photo!

– Complete new mold for frame and joint mechanism- Thank you Bandai for not being lazy on this one. Hopefully that also means minimal backheaviness.

– “Further improvement of the slide mechanism… effectively expose the golden finish parts”… yet more proof that the whole inner frame is plated? But how much can they improve on the Strike frame? That sounds pretty awesome since the Strike itself is pretty mobile…

– New joint design for the WAIST to handle the stress?! Improving the joint’s durability?! Retaining capabilities?! This sounds perfect… I’m holding you to your words, Bandai!

Busterbeam might be right!

Now for my negative thoughts:

– Package dimension is relatively the same as the PG 00 Raiser it seems (no surprise)… so expect a huge luggage.

– 26000 yen… I’ll just put it at the same price as the 00 Raiser since it is only ever so slightly more expensive than it. For US folks, this is ~$300. Tack on another $90-100 EMS (no SAL for high-value items). Look forward to paying up to $350-400 total for this if you are planning on getting it from Japan! Even from US dealers, you’ll still be paying north of ~$300 because you’ll have to cover their shipping cost to import it! Yes, it is okay to cry about this.

– No mentioning of decals :(

– foil sticker? for what? OH GOD NO! NOT THE BEAM RIFLE COVER!… just kidding. No, seriously… foil stickers on a $300+ PG?

– So no actual “Full Burst” display setup…which is more than perfectly fine with me. As is, this thing would only fit on a wide bookshelf in the open.

– Hmm… just about everything looks good except that dinky getter beam-wannabe stomach cannon. It looks disproportionally tiny! It’s not like they have a hatch in that area, so why not stretch it out to near the bottom of the waist?

Alright, Bandai… consider my interest piqued.

UPDATE: Super-sized image out! Seriously, click on it… it’s huge xD



73 thoughts on “PG Strike Freedom Prototype OUT!

  1. The Dragoon frames look scary, but that’s not my issue, i survived the fragile test on my MG version, ready to take it to the next level. The problem is the space it takes up, and the freakin’ price! Nowadays malaysian currency and japan yen exchange rates suck… >.<

  2. what I hope for this PG SF is that they lengthen the legs. I compare the MG SF to MG IJ, everytime, and I noticed that the legs are shorter than the IJ. Hopefully they fix that on this kit

  3. For that much moolah, this thing better have a proper internal frame (i’m looking at you overpriced-00). Also better be fully gold plated (i’m looking at u half-arsed MG )
    The locking joints mechanism might be useful to support it’s battle-cruisers-sized wings too.

  4. For those who are thinking the wings might be too thin… remember this is a giant model, so it couldn’t possibly be *that* thin to the point being easier to snap than the MG version. At the very least, it still has to be thicker than all of its 1/100 counterparts…

  5. I agree with you on the stomach cannon. The 1/60 NG actually has a better looking stomach cannon IMO or the ones seen on conversion kits. Those dragoons are freakin sharp literally…they can poke some one’s eye out.

  6. Let’s see:

    1. The head looks nice…

    2. overall lack of external detail, c’mon guys can’t you see it? look at the skirts, or soulder armors or thighs or most of the other external armor…

    3. feets – maybe it’s because of the point of view in this photo but they look very short.

    4. torso – looks more blocky, more squarish. not nice. Where is the sleekness?… and the cannon – it looks like a tiny poor excuse… also that gap above segment with cannon…

    5. wings look way smaller – seems like tahts how Bandai wants to fight backhavyness, not thats a bad thing

    1. perhaps since it is only a prototype, it will have some changes on the latter run…December come on.
      I thought I am the only one complaining about the torso area. Hah they should consult beecrafts lineart for comparisons and let’s see:
      Katoki: blocky, looks intimidating and VERY massive looking sf
      Beecraft: Elongated, sleek and SEXY sf (fragile wings included, hahaha)

  7. well finally the interior will not looked like cheap gold. but for a hefty price of 26k yen I’m guessing he will be sold around 20k Pesos here on our shores.. -_-

    but on the side note it does look better than the MG version as everything looks more “proportional”?

  8. The wings looks so overkill compared to the entire kit. They better add details to the rest of the parts. I always hated SF’s feet. It looks boxy compared to the rest of the body. Let’s just hope that this isn’t the final product. The cannon on the torso looks a bit tad small… Ahh I shouldn’t even be ranting… I can’t afford this…

  9. I would get this Model but for couple of reason manly i dont have the room for such a big model running out of room for Gunpla anyways.

    i have 6 PG, 1 Glorious grade(Similar to PG), 1 1/60 force impulse, the rest 80 or so give or take so around around 88 models.

    2 the price. im not in the mood right now or in the next 5 months or so to bye a $300+ dollar model.

  10. So will you get this one Z ??? as for shipping you can looking for Sale if they gave 20-30% Sale I am sure the discount will cover the shipping.
    Price – discount + shpping = original Price lol Like PG OO raiser In HLJ.

  11. FINALLY!! A Perfect Grade with AN ACTUAL ACTION BASE INCLUDED!! And it’s part of the standard kit!

    This is what made so many PGs in the past a stupid setup for me: if you’re trying to portray a FLYING mecha, doesn’t it make sense to include a STAND with it? What kind of MORON would NOT include a stand with a mech that’s marketed to have flying poses?!

    Yeah, I’m looking at YOU Wing Zero Custom!

    And the PG 00 Raiser doesn’t count, because the stand is a limited edition item – ANOTHER stupid marketing move on Bandai’s part.

    But this is welcome news. I was gonna make the Red Frame Astray as my first Perfect Grade, but after seeing this new data on the Strike Freedom, I may be coaxed into changing my mind.

    Also…you complained about flimsy wings before Z…the wing/Dragoon setup looks nice, but my GAWD, those binder attachments look rather spindly…

  12. ive always liked the normal freedom better… but… the way they split the wings.. is amazing!!!!!!!! i love it :D but if even get, it wont be for awile. idk. i dont many kits now because im new to the whole thing but, whenever i get a part time job (im only 14 btw) i can make some money

  13. Seems like the tiny stomach cannon is there to stay… But newer photos have surfaced as of today and my…. that is a lovely beam rifle! (Go check NK)

    Only time will tell whether I actually pick it up or not…

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