Sazabi Galore!

This is really cool… I’ve never seen so many Sazabis in my life! All modded and painted differently!

I never imagine a Sazabi in white before… but that’s hot!

Gundam Sazabi…

Just… badass… most of the models left me speechless in awe :D

Sazabi with Katanas? WIN!

Apparently all these Sazabis are/were entries for a Sazabi competition. You can see the rest of them here (don’t expect to see any Gundams… it’s 100% SAZABI haha).

Got the link from DC23 Mech Arts.


25 thoughts on “Sazabi Galore!

    1. That’s, i think, a b-club resin kit MSN04II Nightingale…
      If i remember, it supposed to be the rival of the Hi-Nu Gundam… if only Char was patient enough to wait for his upgrade, it could have been this Vs. Hi-Nu…

      Oh, wait… i think this was in Beltorchika’s (can’t remember spelling) Children novel, which it really happened…

      1. The Nightingale is not an upgrade of the Sazabi, similar to how the Hi-Nu is not an upgrade of the Nu; in contrary to common perception.

        In Belthorchika’s Children, Amuro’s gundam is simply called the “Nu-Gundam”, and it is widely accepted that it aesthetically it looks like the Hi-Nu. It’s also worth mentioning that the Hi-Nu has a mega beam launcher like the Hyaku-Shiki’s that can be connected directly to the Ra Cailum’s generator.

        Char on the other hand pilots the “Nightingale” and there’s no mention of the Sazabi whatsoever. The Nightingale, despite being depicted as a huge MA-like suit, manages to perform the same acrobatic stunts like the Sazabi did in the CCA movie.

        Other minor differences from the movie include:
        1. Gyunei is called Glab, while Nanai is called Mesta (?spelling). Chan is replaced by Belthorchika and has very a similar role as Amuro’s partner, only much more intimate.

        2. No Jagd Dogas were ever present. Instead Glab pilots the Psycho Doga which looks like a miniature version of the alpha Azeiru.

        3. Hathaway accidentally kills Quess instead of Chan.

        4. Newtype baby power prevents Belthorchika from getting shot by forming a psyco-barrier.

        For fans of CCA, reading Belthorchika’s Children is a must… it has better description of the characters in particularly Glab and Mesta.

        1. oooookaaay, but what the heck, some says that these are the final forms of those mobile suits if they were completed… is that true? also love the psycho doga, and beta Azieru…

          XD.. how can char pilot a very large ms like that like a sazabii o_O

          1. well they are not the “final form” of the suits…

            Belthorchika’s Children is like an alternative form of CCA, and in that storyline there’s no such thing as Sazabi, just the Nightingale. And as mentioned, Amuro pilots the “Hi-Nu” which is simply called as the Nu-gundam.

            Just think of how Katoki’s Endless Waltz gundams are an alternative form of the original TV versions, just different in terms of aesthetics.

      1. I’ve heard this sentiment stated a few times before. If so, can a Zeonography Sazabi be too far away, considering the Formania Nu Gundam and Sazabi busts?

        Fingers crossed…

  1. Hey, my friend’s sazabi is in there! the second pic, white XD…
    It’s the atmospheric type Sazabi he built… that was waaaay long ago…. but that’s the basic model… Z, there is another upgrade to that XD…

  2. Wow. the second Sazabi posted – the one colored in white and light purple…looks like Haman Karn’s colors, don’t you think?

    Haman’s Sazabi? Hell yeah.

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