Re-Reviews in the Works

Did you know I have a built MG Strike Noir? Yea.. me neither (kidding). I have been thinking about this since last year and maybe it’s time I finally take some action… I need to tidy up some of my older pre-blog Gundam models and give them a re-review that is inline with my current review format. This will give me something easy to do in a timely manner when I inevitably drown in a sea of essays and homework starting next month.

This is one of my favorite MG! I forgot how long ago it was since I built the MG Strike Noir but I don’t think I knew what “nubmarks” were during that time so I was able to finish it in like a day or so…

And came out with these results. Look at that! XD

So what I’m planning on doing is taking the model part, give it a good cleaning (remove all the dust), clean out the nubmarks, tighten the joints, redo some panel lines, and finish it off with a nice layer of topcoat. Photoshoot and review it as usual. Hopefully this will take no longer than two weeks under heavy school load ^^;.

My Wing Zero Custom has also been bugging me for quite some time. This is also one of my pre-blog models which I think I built right after Strike Noir.

Again, some serious nub cleaning is required here. Then I’m gonna infest it with some chicken pox decals, paint that orb clear green (if I can remove it…), redo the panel lines, and topcoat it. Photoshoot + review.

A re-review of the Ex-S would be nice xD. Maybe also infest it with some Ex-Ssive decals, redo some lines, clean some nubs, then topcoat. Ho ho…this one sounds fun.

Then I took noticed of my MG Shin Musha too and how crappy it looks and thought about reworking it but it just has way too much stuff on it. I was thinking about painting the bronze parts with Tamiya Gold Leaf…

But then I saw this thing behind it. I said “Uhhhhhh… nahhhh”, closed the case and didn’t looked back >_>. Besides, I think I have enough of dealing with gold paint for this whole year… what’s with MG SF and MG Shining requiring gold paint and such…

The above three are just the first in line… I’m planning on doing a major overhaul for most of the models that were built pre-Wing Ver. Ka. Anyone have models they want to rework also?

Pop quiz: what was the name and title of this blog when it first started? :D


43 thoughts on “Re-Reviews in the Works

  1. Haha props to all those who said “fudoushin” and A “home look”… well, I guess it was kinda obvious and the fact it really haven’t been THAT long… ^^;.

  2. Sounds that you do have a lot of time not just for gunpla building. ^^; I hoped i have as much time, damn the syllabus of my course just went through *like that daily and in blazing speed… >.<

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