Gunpla Plastic Cutters

Plastic cutters/snippers/nippers/whatever you like to call them… this is the single most-used tool during a Gundam model’s assembly process for most people hence, it is one of the most valuable and important tools in your arsenal (next to topcoat hahaha… I kid I kid).  Before I realized that a cutter would probably be helpful, I was building models with just my bare hands… twisting out the parts with my fingers or just outright ripping them from the runner; my fingers were always sore by the end of the assembly ^^;. The above are all the cutters I’ve acquired over the dikeido that I’ve been building Gundam models, with each successive one being “better” than the last.

This is my very first cutter that I’ve dug out of my grandpa’s tool box like almost ten years ago. It is not even springloaded! I’m guessing it is actually more of a wire cutter… but yea, this is what I used to assemble I think my first MG (GP03S Stamen) and my HG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero Custom Special Operation Ver. Since I had no idea what “nubmarks” were back then, I was very happy that it made the assembly process go by so much quicker! Haha look at the chips on the blade! Before this, I was temporarily using a nail clipper and dull x-acto knife to get parts out…

The very first cutter that I actually went out and bought ($8). This is a plastic cutter from Testors. After using this, I couldn’t go back to using the other old and rusty cutter because I like how this one was springloaded. The cutter turned really dull and it started cutting the plastic through pressure instead of sharpness so the stress “chewed into” the nub, leaving a little crater and that’s when I found another cutter…

Haha! My first foray into the Tamiya tools! I bought this from HLJ like… 5-6 years ago (?) because it was cheap and it looked really good. It’s at this point I started to care just a little about nubs… well, not so much about the nub but more like I like “clean” cuts on the plastic from my cutters. I probably have like 3-4 MGs at this point. I would continue to use this cutter until I felt like it was also beginning to dull out.

And this is what I am currently using for the last 4-5 years or so- Tamiya Sharp-Pointed Side-Cutter. Until something better shows up in my eyes, I will swear by this cutter as the best one I’ve used so far. As a matter of fact, I have two (three but I gave one away) and use them concurrently; I’ll use one solely for cutting the parts off the runner and one solely for the clean-up. I think this will help prolong the sharpness for both cutters. I like this one the best because it is small, very sharp, and the narrow sharp-pointed tip and profile design helps me see precisely where I am cutting. Best of all? It feels the nicest to use! This cutter made me enjoy building Gundam models even more for awhile haha! Unfortunately, this one is also the most expensive (~2400 yen = ~$30). I think it’s time I order a new one though…

You know what I find funny? Every time I find a new cutter, I always thought “wow! this works great! why would I need something better?” then when I jump to a better one out of curiosity, I can’t go back to the older one ^^;. It happened with every previous cutter when I bought a new one to try xD.

What sort of cutter are you using for your Gupla projects? Do you have any recommendations as well?


29 thoughts on “Gunpla Plastic Cutters

  1. Currently I’m using the second last cutter. Works pretty well for me right now.
    Initially, just like you, I twisted the parts off prom the tree. If too strong, however, I use scissors to cut it off… took a bit more force to do that time. ^^; I then moved on to the Sangokuden cutter which has already became dull.

  2. Recently Bandai also have something similiar with that exp tamiya cutter, Teh Bandai Premium Cutter, lolwut the name. & there’s something much funnier, behind it wrote down “for professional only”.


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