Preparing for those Long Nights…

Ugh… after a 17-hour shift (came home around 5:30 am), I still feel like a zombie after eight hours of snooze ^^;. Needless to say, I don’t feel like doing anything (but I’ll still be working on MG SF’s review). Anyway… it’s almost “that time” again starting next week so I went to the market to pick up some rations for one of those long nights duking it out with walls of text in either printed or digital form.

Picked up a few packs of Demae Itcho (HK ver), one of the oldest instant noodles loved by Chinese people and probably just about everyone else. The noodle is actually really good! Never tried the Japanese one though (apparently, it is different…)

One of the best Korean drinks ever. Milkis… taste similar to the Japanese drink Skal. Think of it as a sweet carbonated yogurt drink…

Gochujang…fermented hot pepper paste… on days when I have time, I am thinking about using this to stir fry some squid or octopus with rice cakes. A Korean variation of mapo tofu also sounds good… mm…

Probably my main meal- Kitsune Udon. I love this stuff and I was so glad it was on sale! This one is awesome because it comes with a huge patch of soft fried tofu (“yawaraka JUICY oage”) inside ^^

Not to mention it has an incredibly low sodium level!

Yup… I’m all prepare for college now…

MG Strike Freedom review maybe on Wednesday.


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