Tamiya Non-Scratch Pliers… Scratches

Thought I’d just point this out real quick as I’m changing the “bandages” on my pliers right now. I bought this Tamiya Non-Scratch needle nose pliers because I thought the grips were made of some sort of semi-hard rubber (hence “non-scratch”) and it does sorta look that way from the photos. I was bummed out when it arrived and I found out that it is actually very hard plastic. With enough force, I can leave teeth parks on my parts but if I don’t then I can risk dropping the parts. Ugh. So what I did was bandage the grips with paper.

Rip up a piece of paper towel, fold it up, and just tape it to the plier. This is great for EVERYTHING that I use for on my Gundam models. I can clamp as hard as I want and not leave a single teeth mark, particularly useful when I need to snap two reluctant pieces together. I also use this to hold my parts when I am topcoating. Now my pliers is officially scratch-free. I just change the paper every now and then. Just throwing this out there… hope someone finds this useful ^^;


15 thoughts on “Tamiya Non-Scratch Pliers… Scratches

  1. That’s one good idea I could try, maybe can test out after getting… the HGUC Sinanju. =D

    And yeah, all my gunplas are scratched due to the cutters… orz

  2. This is VERY useful. Ridiculously simple – and most great ideas are.

    I recently ordered a pair of these pliers from Hobbylink Japan, and I too, was disappointed with the grips.

    1. For long nose pliers, just glue strips of rubber bands cut to length on them. I’m not sure if that would help too much (haven’t tried it out yet), but I wouldn’t give up on them. Long needle noses are too awesome!

  3. Awesome. This pliers is sometime too hard for the delicate armour peices. Great for removing small joints parts too. The right tools make the job so much easier and the result much better looking.

  4. Hiya Z, completely off-topic, but I just finished my MG FigureRise Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker!!! *O*
    So simple! Yet so complex! Such beautiful proportions and playability! MMMMMM! MMMMM! Hope they release a Fang Joker… I like that better.
    *Gives you a sneak peek*

  5. I kind of have the same problem with mine. I have the same pliers, and although I don’t use them that often (I very much prefer my hands), but when I do, it’s mainly on plane kits and the such. Because a lot of the kits are more fragile, I needed hard rubber pliers for them. What I did was remove the plastic, trace out their patterns on an eraser, and cut them out. I used a metal file to score in some lines (very hard and not recommended). Works like a dream!

    1. Holly F*&K. U should get a noble prize for that idea. Awesome.
      Another idea: I might be able to make some kinda sleves for so I convert it back and forth on the fly.
      Transforming pliers. I’ll call it Tactical Arm III (Still smaller in size than the TAII)

  6. Y-You guys order from Hobbylink Japan?!?! Sheez, I went there, and the prices were incredibly cheap; I almost wet myself looking at how cheap they were…

    …until I saw shipping costs. My first reaction was “OMGWTFBBQ??!” No wonder why everything is so cheap…the shipping is usually more than the item…and I even read their pages on shipping and whatnot…Its ridiculous!

    So is it just me or is it really that great of a store? Someone please explain the shipping method and whatnot to me…but until then, I think Hobbywave and Gundamstoreandmore are great places. :D

    1. you never ordered from HLJ? They’re really simple since if you have paypal, then everything could be automated. Just choose whatever works for you.

      HLJ used to be cheap when the dollar was strong…

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