Last Time… MG Deathscythe…

I’ve made a few MG Deathscythe posts before and this one will be my last one (If I DO make another post about this MG, it’ll most likely be a WISP…). After some long pondering, I was just about to give in and order this model. I thought it would be nice to have it accompany the MG Wing Ver. Ka and I like the idea of eventually collecting the entire “GW Ver. Ka” line up (and also eventually collecting their upgrades like Deathscythe Hell, etc. to go with WZC). Also… I’m going to need something new to review eventually… >_>. However, I’ve noticed something that has been bugging me…

I am questioning the poseability of this model. Looking through all the promo shots and reviews out so far, I’ve yet to see a single dynamic pose out of this model. I’m sure if it is highly poseable, Bandai would’ve glorified its features by now. All I keep seeing is the same standing pose over and over again in all the material.

This is the most dynamic pose I’ve seen out of it; judging from the pose, range of motion seems at least standard mg fare… of maybe 2007. At least the waist looks like it can turn quite a bit. My main fear is obvious… a MG Deathscythe that can’t slice and dice with its Scythe D:

All the shots I’ve seen of it on a display base looked rather limp. Are the legs sagging or something? Another reason for me to doubt the articulation of this model is that it is pretty much a “Ver. Ka” (this design, the decals, the manual… it’s all there). The last and only kit out of Katoki with great articulation is the Sinanju >_>.

Good thing Dalong is starting on his right now so I’ll look forward to seeing what he can do with it. However… looking at the manual, assembly is VERY standard MG fare. As of now, it feels like Bandai release this solely “just for the sake of it”. Aesthetically speaking, color separation seems to be spot-on. Would’ve been nice if Bandai included a bunch of effect parts like they did with the original HG 1/100 Deathscythe… that would’ve been awesome!

If I see that it can slice and dice, then I will pick it up during the holiday and probably review it before the end of the year. We’ll see…


52 thoughts on “Last Time… MG Deathscythe…

    1. Well, someone (I forgot) who posted the URLs of the translated text in the Mecha Talk forums apparently reads it. I prefer the opposite gender, myself. :P

      Dalong’s review will come soon, and that’s the review I’m mainly interested in. I like that website, too. SRW Hotnews posted someone who beat that modeler to assembling the MG, but I’ve yet to see that one as well as, again, I’m waiting for Dalong first. *shrug*

      But the URLs of the multiple reviews will likely pile up in this entry:

        1. Not that they aren’t good themselves (they are), but they don’t do fight scenes like you do. You seem to have more fun doing the Gunpla building and reviewing. Screw the excess “homeliness” if it comes at the cost of such fun. :)

    1. I don’t usually see those types of comments about Okawara’s Deathscythe (and upgrade). Oh, well… It’s buster shield coming at your (MS’s) head more than makes up for it. Just ask the endless amounts of Leo pilots in the Gundam Newtype afterlife. :)

    1. That’s limited? That’s more than sufficient :D Looks pretty good… also nice is that I can see exactly where the nubs are. Now THAT’S informative!

  1. I was already sold on this guy, now I’m doubly so.

    LOOK at that pose. That’s the money shot, the pose from SRW Alpha 2 & 3 where the God of Death is about to claim another hapless soul.

    The only way it could be more dynamic is if the right leg is positioned a little bit higher. And if it was the actually the Deathscythe Hell Custom, but I’m sure Bandai will remedy that eventually ^_^

  2. Okay I got my kit today and so far with the waist it can rotate almost 360 , the shoulder connectors look off and he head cant go up (more of an issue with the meacha it’s self

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