MG Strike Freedom Review UP!

It’s about time I’m done reviewing this! The model took a bit more effort than I had anticipated and other things popped up so I had to delay things a bit. Well… with this, that makes four MG review in less than a month’s time starting with the MG Red Frame :D. Hopefully, this makes up a bit for the three-month dead period during the summer. This is my last review for the month though; had I finished Strike Freedom last weekend, then I might have worked on one more. School starts next week so I’m just going to take this time to chill, have a few drinks with friends, and study Japanese a bit ahead of time. This also means my WIFP days are over and it’s time to go back to the WISP.

Anyway, here it is… MG Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode :). The review is actually “incomplete” since I’m still adding comments here and there (so don’t read anything yet) but all the photos have been uploaded… and that’s what really matters right? So yea… I’m not reading/replying to comments yet since I’m probably still working on the review. Hope you enjoy the review! ^^

UPDATE: The review is completely done! Still going over some of the fine details but I think it’s safe to read now ^^.


9 thoughts on “MG Strike Freedom Review UP!

  1. Woah, this time your review is really fast.
    I’d enjoyed your review per usual.

    oh yeah, by the way if you haven’t got a peek for Master Ngee, a new upcoming and expected and MUST BUY (for me atleast) MG is up ^^

  2. Hi there.

    Using tamiya sprays for an MG Strike Freedom, and I could use some help with the colours.
    I’m going to do it in the default colours, and i’m going from pictures here

    For the light blue I am thinking either TS-23-Light Blue or TS-10 French Blue, they both look quite similar but one is maybe too light and the other too dark.

    Will the basic Tamiya gold spray be fine for the endoskeleton, or is there another brand that might be better?

    The white.. well, do I want pearl white, matte white, pure white, racing white? Just use the primer white? I don’t know what would work best. Planning on topcoating with flat ttopcoat.

    Regarding the dark blue, I had a spray that matched it perfectly (Tamiya) which I used on the gun for my Virtue a while back but I don’t have the can anymore and can’t for the life of me remember what colour it was, any guesses there? it may have been TS-4 German Grey, but with the cans costing £6 a pop I wanna be sure :|

    The red i’ll just go with TS-49 Bright Red and the same for the yellow.

    Oh and lastly there’s the light-blue/greyish colour here; around the vents and in the middle of the picture here, no idea what colour to use for that.

    Thanks in advance for any help, it’s appreciated.

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