Old Gundam Games

Felt like playing some old games for nostalgic reasons so I dug out Gundam Battle Assault 2 to whoop some mecha butts but…

NOOOOO!!!… sadly, I have no idea where this game went. Probably in my parent’s case of never-to-be-watched DVD pouch. Anyway, Gundam Battle Assault (the first one) was my first Gundam game and it was in there that I learned about the UC suits. Since I knew nothing about Gundam back then, it didn’t bug me that Heero can pilot the Quin Mantha or Sazabin story mode ^^;. Now that I do know the stories and stuff… GBA1 makes absolutely no sense. Still a fun game back in the day.

“It’s time to SUIT UP or SHUT UP” <—- Best line catchphrase out of Gundam. EVER! Gundam Assault 2 was a huge improvement over the first game as it contains more units (EW and G), and revised gameplay. They ditched the boring term “Story mode” and called it “STREET MODE”… who said Gundam isn’t Gangsta? It’s the original G!

Gameplay for those who’ve never heard of this game before.

This is like my only other  and last Gundam game that i have (Any other Gundam-related games I have are solely in the form of Super Robot Wars). Playing the A Boa Qu stage back then was intense! Meant to also pick up AEUG vs. Titans but GameStop never had it in stock… and now it’s probably discontinued. Also gave SD G Gen (Neo, SEED, and F) a tried… but I prefer SRW’s format better. Guess I’ll pop in EiS and relive some good old UC memories ^^.

What Gundam games do you play?


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  1. I was going to go into Gundam Battle Assault. I played the imported version, which itself is basically a sequel of a previous fighting game set in the same universe. I figured I would try and explain how it’s basically set in an original AU universe with original characters, but I’ll have a URL and a video explain it for me:


    Anyway, I played that game myself. I also tried GBA2, basically. Well, the one Japan imported and divided by GG and GW, with the voices (which I’m not fond of) removed and the pilot of Psyco Mk. III being the original one from the G:TBM series (I think I remember seeing a video of the Psyco Mk. III and that same pilot in action in one of the G Gen games, too). Also, you have to have both games to get the main MS from each series (GG/GW) and even then, not all stages or MSs from GBA2 are included in each; they both lack something.

    Despite not trying too many of the games of the “Gundam vs.” series, I highly recommend it. You should find AEUG vs. Titans, Z. I’m hoping one day to obtain GvZG for my Gamecube (or Wii; chalk one for backwards compatibility). But the prequel–Fed vs. Zeon (DX)–I tried and liked, even though I never had it (I borrowed it).
    Many like the SEED series of “Gundam vs.” games, and they’re not lacking at all. I haven’t tried the PS2 ones, but the only PSP one (a port from PS2) seems a bit faster than the first GvG game I tried.
    But if you only get one new game and it’s from the “Gundam vs.” series, make it Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT PLUS for PSP. Having it for a while now, it’s simple but fun action with MSs from across the board. I loved going through the arcade I kind-of gave up on it’s PLUS mode (a story mode) after an accident with my PSP. I’ll continue it later, once I can get it completely fixed.

    For non-Gundam mecha games, Virtual-On is a safe bet for a fun time. I don’t have the console versions, but I occasionally go to some old arcade machines of the game, and it’s still fun, even if I’m not much good at it. I wonder how Bonds of the Battlefield (Japan’s you-get-to-play-in-an-MS-cockpit game) is like…
    There’s a doujin game out there called “Windom XP”. A freeware version (Bootfighter Windom XP) is fun enough, but more (with cost) is being pumped into it’s sequel, “Ultimate Knight Windom XP”. Many have edit it to be essentially an unofficial “Gundam vs.” game (since the game basically plays that way), but given how my computer can’t do much beyond “crap” (I wouldn’t call ’90s-era graphics that, but let’s use it) for graphics, and that GvGNP was coming out soon at the time, I essentially gave up on it for GvGNP.

    If I pick up a PS2 one day (since it’ll be naturally cheaper than a PS3), no doubt I’ll be getting some “Gundam vs.” games first, and maybe try out the Another Century’s Episode of games (I’ve heard it described as an action-based version of SRW).

    1. Just like you having problems getting back into gunpla, it’s the same for me with games ^^;. I do have a few gundam games I would like to try out for maybe a minute or two but time is limited u_u.

      If you’re going to pick up some Japanese Gundam Vs. Games… then you would need a JPN PS2 or a modded one. Both doesn’t come cheap ^^;.

      1. Well, as for getting GvZG for my Gamecube (or Wii), I figured I would try the pop-in-a-special-disc option first. And if it works, I could finally try out a game I got as a Christmas present (it happens to be for the PAL region). And whenever I find it available for the Gamecube, it doesn’t come cheap either, so it’s not as if cheap was an option to begin with. Ah, the fine practice of overcharging imports. :)

        Now that I mention it, I checked prices from where I got my RD Turn A (and MSIA WGZ, I think), and whenever availability returns, prices amazingly go down after ordering the “last one” of the bunch. Amazing… The limited RD Turn A is cheap in comparison! You should get one, Z. (Or a regular one.) *shrug*

  2. LOLZ! GBA 2 I had some fun time with friends. I always beat them up with the Ball.

    Ahh, I always remembered the lines there: “Your gonna die!!”, “This is where you die!!’, “You can’t defend!!” ,”I Got you!!”, “Your shot is empty!” and of course…” Wealth and Glory to the Winner!”

    Played many Gundam games in my lifetime and I’m feeling lazy listing them all, but the best ones I’ve played are Rengou vs ZAFT 2, Next Plus (w/c I’m still playing) and MS Saga. Encounters in Space was nice, and Climax UC was memorable due to the Crossbones. The G-Gen games were nice (played until Spirits) but I favor SRW more, since MS attacks in SRW are much more awesome.

    Just like the others in here I also played ACE up until 3 only, coz I don’t have a PS3, and of course lots of SRW

      1. It was okay, it has fairly lots of suits. There is a mode too wherein you get to customize your character (He is named Tachibana IIRC) who starts from the OYW and that character of yours will have an offspring (This time you get to name him) who will continue to fight until the conflicts of the Crossbone Vanguard. And the abilities and stats of your offspring will also depend on the wife you will choose, I remember that for my 1st run I chose the childhood friend who was named Nagisa IIRC (you have 3 choices for your wife: the team operator, your fellow pilot and the childhood friend).

        It was nice for a time, but it can be boring for you’ll only be pressing and holding the square button most of the time XD

  3. Aww, I used to love this game! My cousin and I used to play all the time on his playstation! I remember my favorite suit was Full Armor Gundam, even though I had no clue what series he was from(only knew of Wing and G.)

  4. The Gundam vs Gundam is pretty neat. It’s good for what console it’s in (PSP).

    But the BEST has to be ACE (Another Century’s Episode). It has two sequels, ACE 2 and ACE 3.

    It has the best gameplay so far, and I love the wide range of Gundams to choose from (You can also choose other machines that aren’t from the Gundam universe. I don’t exactly know them). The platform is on the PS2, but only works in Japanese brand PS2s.

    ACE-R is gonna be the third prequel for the PS3. All I know from ACE-R is that you can play from almost to all the current mobile suits in the Gundam history + Dunbine, + Macross + Code Geass + Armored Core.

    1. From what I know, ACE R toned down the number of units big time, with only a couple of units per series. I think Gundam is represented with units from Zeta, CCA, Crossbone, and SEED Destiny.

      I’d like to try out the ACE series one day, but I’m not as excited about it if it’s more mass grunt-killing than a bit of a fight, which the “Gundam vs.” games for PSP (and Fed vs. Zeon–for Dreamcast and PS2) gave me. Not that it doesn’t look fun; from watching the videos, it looks to be fun. But the Gundam vs. series offers a bit of a challenge even with the simple controls.

  5. first time knowing any gundam from SRW alpha gaiden if that’s count ^^ i didn’t know gundam come from different timeline back then,,

    GBA 1 was the first gundam only game i’ve ever played, that time, i think Wing and Zeta is from the same timeline (due to the same special attack –> waverider ram and bird mode ram)

  6. my favorite game is..
    Gundam vs gundam next plus
    the others aren’t really related to gundam..(virtual on, A.C.E2&3.SRW series..)

  7. Holy crap, myself and two of my friends are missing their copies of Battle Assault 2 as well. Still got the cases and everything

  8. I still remember Gundam battle assault. . . I had it on my playstation as well. . . ah . . . brings back memories :D
    I think i almost played every single gundam game on the ps2 and played all the psp gundam games as well.

  9. Haha, I think GBA was my first gundam game…and what was crazy is I paid $50 for it back in the day. O.O

    But I own just about every American Gundam game with an exception for LWC and the first PS3 one…I hated that one. I want to get LWC though, heard so many good things about it. The only import games of gundam I’ve played is 3 of the SRW series, couldn’t understand it though. D;

    All the gundam games bring such good memories back for me though! I remember playing GBA 1&2 for hours and hours with my sister. Also played Journey to Jaburo with all my elementry school friends cause Gundam in 5th grade was the shit, if you didn’t like Gundam you sucked. >;D

    Though, I think the only reason I have and play the Gundam games is because they’re just that…Gundam. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t play them, a lot of them aren’t really that good tbh. ;>_<

  10. SD Gundam G-Generation Series, probably one of the best turn-based strategy game with wide range of Gundam units and other MSs.

    Gundam vs XXXX Series, third person shooter with many units from gundam series with many missions and stuff. (It’s in arcade as well.)

  11. Somewhat of the same thing happened to me. Opened up the GBA2 case but only to find GBA1. 0_o Hahhah, crazy it was.
    I’m more of the tactics player so the GGen series and SRW series where the best for me. But GBA1, as to most here introduced me to Gundam’s multiverse.

    No one hasn’t mentioned MS Saga, the only US MS RPG game. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a pretty good game.

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