Festival Japan at Uwajimaya

‘Twas a sunny day today and there was a Festival Japan being held over the weekend outside a Japanese supermarket so thought I go check things out to see what’s interesting (yea, the same place I went to work for Kinokuniya)…

Walk through the door and be greeted by loads of instant noodle bowls on sale…

A whole aisle dedicated to Korean and Japan-imported instant ramen and udon bowls. Good stuff…

While the festival is entirely outside, there are few demos inside the market as well. There was instant coffee demo, cake demo, seafood demo, and fishball demo.

Outside of the market where they closed off basically the entire front parking lot for vendors to set up booth. Let’s walk around…

Taiyaki stand… man, the line was long! People were waiting to eat what is essentially a waffle stuffed with red bean paste or vanilla custard >_>…

Japanese ladies serving takoyaki…mmm… takoyaki…

So many people working on the takoyaki pan! They were very well coordinated and VERY fast!

“Quick! Start poking!”

Booth selling T-shirts with very traditional Japanese prints

Fancy soysauce is fancy…

Loads of bamboo fixtures for sell…

*Wing blows… ball of tumbleweed rolls by*

There were a few alcoholic booths where one can sample sake, beer, wine, and the likes but I didn’t taste any. Afternoon is not really my time for such beverages… ^^;

Sapporo beer is awesome. I was almost force-fed those umeshu once at a party… never again…

There were taiko and Japanese martial arts demonstrations throughout the day but I only managed to take a glimpse at Kendo during my short stay.

They have some pretty powerful kiai…

AJINOMOTO = the roots of flavor = MSG.

Wish I have the skills to grill that many gyozas at once…

Grilled and Crispy… one buck per tray.. not the best deal but not bad.

Haha… the Takoyaki looked so good that I gave in and bought a tray myself xD. $3 for 8 pieces! That hot, soft, chewy, gooey, and crispy texture combined with the sweet and tangy sauces (takoyaki sauce and kewpie mayo) and… and… OISHIIII! It’s like… harmony haha. *ahem* Anyway, this particular photo is like ULTRA CLEAR! It’s like I can almost touch and taste it.. especially at original size (click it!) @.@ so clear… Though one thing I noticed about my Lumix GF1 in P Mode is that when it is a bright sunny day, it seems to want to take a photo faster than 1/4000 sec or whatever the highest speed is but couldn’t so I noticed some slight “shutters” on the screen. Had me worried for a moment…

The gyoza was also good… when I was eating it. Afterwards, my breath was kicking… D: Too much MSG? garlic powder? onion powder? I don’t know but it was very unpleasant…

My taiyaki Magikarp. om nom nom.

Washed all that food down with this sparkling soda. この梅のソーダはうめいぃぃぃ!!!/lame pun

Yea… so I had a pretty cool day and had some tasty cheap food. Not something I usually find in Oregon so this was a good way to enjoy a day before hitting the books ^^.

Do you have something like this in your neck of the woods?


26 thoughts on “Festival Japan at Uwajimaya

  1. I get to go to our japanese festival next saturday..
    I’m pretty excited to see what I can find..(i saw people selling figures.. And manga..and some expensive food..)

  2. I’ll be honest. I cried at that picture of takoyaki and my mouth started flooding… It’s so clear! I can practically SMELL it!

  3. Takoyaki – $3 for 8 pieces!
    DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! L.A./Orange County 6 pieces goes for at least $5 at the festivals i have been to.

    what a steal!

  4. The closest we have to that is “Arts in the Heart of Augusta” festival in my hometown of Augusta, GA. Food is more expensive but a larger variety from different countries, not just Japan. India, China, Phillipines, Germany, Ireland, and Greece are the big ones because of their fairly large populations in the area. I’m at college atm at UGA in Athens, GA but that kind of thing doesn’t happen often here either.

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