00 Gundam 7Sword/G Unboxing

I think it’d be wise that I start on my next project  and take care some of the annoying parts before the homework start piling up. Since I’m back to WISP, you probably won’t see the completed model until maybe mid-Oct ^^;. However, I might have other reviews until that time.

I was wondering where the yellow part of the v-fin was… then I remembered it only comes in white -_-;. I kinda like it plain white like that but we’ll see if I decide to paint it or not…

The feet needs to be painted too! Both top and bottom… dark gray!

The gray strips on the legs.

Clear parts that must be painted in their appropriate colors… I hate that!

At least it comes with detailed foils like those on the MG Exia instead of just a dark green sticker. V-fin foil stickers = PHAIL! FOR THE LOSE.

So yea… I’ll be taking care of those parts before and then assembly should be a breeze even when I am slammed with essays and readings. Those who’ve built this model… any advice or special notice  for me? :)


21 thoughts on “00 Gundam 7Sword/G Unboxing

  1. I’ve built one of this and I really like it. Looks very well proportioned to me. The only thing is the side skirt. It’s a bit on the loose side due to it’s connection but maybe you can put some dry glue to help mend that. It might just be mine, since only one side of it feels loose for real =]

  2. The only difference between this 00 Gundam and any other version is the GN Buster Sword and GN Sword Rifle ^__^;;. Also, the GN Sword IIs got funky redesigns.

    I’ve actually wanted to get this one for a while, but haven’t been able to locate one in the area. I quite like the 00 kits, so I’m anxious to see how this turns out :D

    1. I’m considering getting this too xD Did you know they include parts to convert the GN sword II Long/Short to regular GN sword IIs O:!

  3. There’s nothing much to say that I think you probably already knew.

    Oh yes, you probably might want to superglue or cement the two halves of the arm. They tend to open up if you connect anything since the connection is at the split (hope you can understand what I’m saying). ^^;

    Otherwise, the model kit itself is near flawless since mine is still quite “stiff” after a load of posing though I have to admit that the arms will sag holding the heavy weapons in due time (may not be evident straight after building).

  4. If this is anything like mine 00 Gundam, then the clear parts on the head is a bit tricky to cut off.. mine kinda cracked when cut.

  5. V fin must not use those ugly stickers really…
    I paint mine yellow of course, doesn’t feel right to leave it white.

    Now I see it, your unboxing post is good to see and much more likeable than mine and even Master D (well he’s complete per runners anyway)

  6. It’s been like 2 years now since 00 started, and aside from the bog standard exia in the early episodes, none of the robots in the cyrrent generation catch my fancy!

  7. The Buster Sword is awesome…especially for a sword guy like yourself, Z.

    The thing I like the most about this model is that…the short sword has a SLASH HA®KEN(!!!!) built into it. xDD

  8. How do you go about painting your clear parts, Z? I’ve always tried to use a big brush to try to avoid a lot of brush strokes. That and I sometimes dip the smaller parts in paint… ^^;

  9. well i built the model PAINT THE V fin and nearly all the clear parts need to be green, the GN Short sword or blade has a problem about the side skirts,and on the buster sword, there are green parts needed to be in green just look carefully at the detail, and thats about it i really liked the GN buster rifle 2 though the nand can’t hold the trigger

  10. That reminds me that I should start on my 007S/G as well. Built myself a 00 Raiser + GN Sword III before, and it isn’t so bad, just a bit of grey to colour here and there. Didn’t bother colouring the clear lenses (except for the red gem on the head) as the stickers show what I want to see in the first place. The hardest part to colour is probably the head since 00 Gundam is thinner and smaller than Gundams of other series. Need some precision there but otherwise it’s ok.

    Looking forward to build and swing that mighty Buster Sword~

  11. I have this kit and the 00 Gundam + GN Sword III, and the main Gundam body is pretty much the same save for the special knee armor (though the regular 00 Gundam knees are still in the kit).

    Parts that need to be painted in order to achieve the accurate colors:

    – The clear headpiece need to be clear red
    – The V-fin needs yellow
    – the rim around the faceplate needs to be dark gray

    – Clear GN condenser parts need to be clear green

    – Clear GN condenser parts need to be clear green
    – strips on either sides of the legs need to be dark gray
    – tops of the feet and bottom rims need to be dark gray

    – Long & Short GN Sword IIs need their sights in clear blue
    – You may want to paint some inner sections of the GN Buster Sword II in neon green

    Thankfully, the clear parts for the GN Katars and the GN Sword II Blaster are already molded in clear green. Why the hell Bandai didn’t do this for the rest of the kit is beyong me. Stingy…

    ALso, you may want to topcoat the joints on the Gundam AND the weapons, as they may come loose when mounted, and this guy needs all the stability he can get to hold them properly. I had to coat the arms several times to give them the strength to wield the bigass Buster Sword II. It’s not as heavy or massive (relatively speaking, to the 1/144 scale) as the Astray’s Tactical Arms, but it’s no lightweight, either.

    I’ve heard that this is THE definitive form of the 00 Gundam if the Twin Drive weren’t such a pain in the ass to require the 0 Raiser in order to reach it’s full potential. The 00 Raiser is cool, but as a kit the 0 Raiser is kibble – it’s nice-looking kibble, but it’s kibble nonetheless. The 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G’s equipment is NOT kibble – as they all have specific functions. I also like how they all mount on the guy at the same time.

  12. paint the clear part on the head with clear red, since i didn’t have any yellow paint I painted my V-fin gold, (doesn’t seem to bother me at all)

    the strips on the legs in dark gray, also the cheek-like parts near the face guard

    for those GN condensers, I used those decals, and painted them with a light coat of green, and thats just about it thats the way i did on mine

  13. My custom mod 00 Raiser comes in a black, blue, red (a little) and white scheme. I left the sleek v-fins white, and threw away the yellow foil stickers. The yellow foil stickers are just there to destroy your kit, overly large in my opinion, and wrong color too.

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