Look What I Found

Was digging around my room and finally found this old can of Tamiya topcoat that I’ve never used (guessing it should be still good).

A tad bit afraid to try it because it warns not to spray on decals and stickers ^^;

These are probably the same instructions and warnings you see on the Japanese version and on Mr. Topcoat… “These solvents may be absorbed through the lungs, the skin, adnd by ingestion. Concentrated fumes from these solvents may cause brain damage, heart or respiratory failure, liver damage or even death”. No wonder why I’m so dumb and I can’t even run across the street without losing my breath… oh wait, I don’t exercise xP

Another thing I found… Victory Gundam’s 2nd ending single, “Mou Ichido Tenderness” by KIX-S! Bought it on ebay for like a few bucks many many years ago. I’ve always liked this song but since I couldn’t find it online, I bought the CD instead ^^.

The back

Small CD is small… nice that it comes with the lyrics though.

Don’t know how’s the quality of this video since I can’t hear anything but it’s a great song nonetheless ^^.


26 thoughts on “Look What I Found

  1. I used Tamiya on my models before I even read that part about dont spray on decals and stickers. it seems to work just fine, but you probably don’t want to lay it on too heavy. worst case scenario it might make stickers curl a little, I havent really seen it happen myself tho.

    1. i remember topcoat destroying a waterslide decal on one of my model before… but that’s also because I probably didn’t apply it properly (air bubbles, etc).

  2. the fume does affect health.. seriously.. i always feel dizzy after a long day of painting gunpla.. appropriate mask must be use.. cause the fume can easily go into your lung if you are using those cheap mask that can’t cover well..

  3. after a short while I also tend to get dizzy after using those aerosol type paints, as the fumes easily tends to irritate my lungs. I have asthma btw..

    1. Yea… I get a sore throat from time to time xD.

      I should invest in a respiratory mask… but then my neighbors would look at me more weirdly than they already do and probably call the cops on me for trying to poison the neighborhood or something…. in a sense, they are technically not wrong >_>;

  4. i’ve got that tamiya topcoat, I hope it works fine on decals :|

    unrelated but what’s the best gunpla forum out there? need some help with a kit.

    also anyone in the UK/europe; where do you buy your kits and spray cans from? finding it hard to find places here in the UK :|


  5. Hey Z, is there a difference between Mr.Hobby Topcoat and Tamiya Topcoat? I’ve always been a Tamiya user and my hobby store got a shipment of Mr.Hobby sprays (Even though export of spray cans has been banned)
    I’ve always been troubled by this since you among Busterbeam and other modelers on the net use Mr.Hobby a LOT and I’m just staring at my TS-13 Clear, TS-79 Semi-Gloss, and TS-80 Flat. And I’m just thinking how miserable using Tamiya is. But I’ve always used Tamiya and it was fine on my Decals. (I do not believe in ANY sort of foil sticker, rather paint eyes than slap stickers on)

  6. Dannggg…and I thuoght I was in danger from spray painting a little like…once every two months. But looking at you…wow I’m surprised…you’re still kicking and in action!

    Kinda just proves that I worry too much about my health and whatnot…I mean if I cough a bit my first reaction is “OMG I HAVE LUNG CANCER!~” ….buuutttt I digress. You seem to be doing just fine despite that you top coat like…once a week. xDD

  7. if you plan on doing a lot of models, it’s always a good idea to invest in a respirator mask. you cant even smell the fumes when you’re wearing one.

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