RD 00 Raiser Condenser Type

While I might not have a 00 with a GN Sword III (well, technically I do but… ya know), nor have I assembled one before but the one on this 00 Raiser seems… upside down? and backwards to boot? xD

While it doesn’t look too bad, it is practically suicidal if Setsuna (or whoever is piloting this) decided to fire the Raiser Sword that way… just sayin’.

Photo courtesy of GA Graphic


24 thoughts on “RD 00 Raiser Condenser Type

    1. According to the movie, it can perform combat in Trans-Am mode for 0.03 seconds. Burst releases all particles in the storage tanks, so it’s kind of like using twin Tau Drives.

  1. Wha-?! That sword design looks really weird…it DOES look like it’s on backwards. Maybe it is. The dumbass who posed the figure must’ve gotten it on wrong.

    On a related note, you might want to get the upcoming SD Gundam 00 Quan[T] kit – as an added bonus it comes with condenser parts you can place on your existing SD 00 Raiser ^_^

  2. he will be dead after a few moments of combat cause the freakin sword is attached on reverse, I don’t remember it being attached this way

  3. It looks like it would use some sort of system to fold over the tip of the GN Rifle and down. At least that’s the only way I could see it working seeing as how it’s position so awkwardly in relation to its normal design…

      1. Wow. Really? Somebody actually could not figure out to build that correctly?

        My bad, I thought it was supposed to look that way. I didn’t take into account that somebody could actually make a mistake like this…

  4. I guess the person that posed the finger hasn’t seen Gundam 00 LOL anyone that seen the series would no that the wrong why for the GN Sword III to go. LOL!!!

  5. …It would seem that the body is upside-down, and the blade is installed backwards… I see an advantage there though! 00 can now slice and dice as well as shoot at the same time! :D But… it would make more sense if the body was rightside up… so the blade is more of a (really long) bayonet… Yeah, if Setsuna accidentally switches right now, it’ll probably dis-arm (literally) him…

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