00 7S/G WISP 1

Gunpla while sick = efficiency drops 100%. Painting this model was rather annoying and that took some time… I think I might have to go over some parts again with another layer since the paint seems rather thin on some parts. On the legs right now but have to stop right now to work on my homework. This model should be done in two more weeks ^^;.

Haro was shooting beam particles at me throughout the day, asking me to play so I (photo)shot back. Caught him when he was flapping around. He seems pretty energetic today… responding every time I cough ^^;.


23 thoughts on “00 7S/G WISP 1

  1. kinda reminds me when im working on my HG OO ^^ building it during school time

    school for 2 weeks-2 days holiday-cut off all parts-school-holiday-paint-school-holiday-final assemble-

    ^^;;;; my longest time taken for a HG

        1. Z, I suggest that you paint the top part of the shoulders too? Maybe that would be nicer looking? I painted mine black. The smaller upper section of the shoulder. It looks pretty boring if the shoulder was of only one color, right? =D

  2. this reminds me, I have 3 00 gundams I haven’t built yet >_<. one is the 7 sword, one is the 00 raiser gn sword III, and then I recently bought the 00 Quanta too. they look like a fun break from MGs but I'm still not done with my MG infinite justice. the dark red I painted it turned out great, I just hope I don't screw it up when I do panel lining. last time I tried panel lining something that I clear coated, the thinner I used ate right through the clear O_o.

  3. Haro seems rather active lately…do you just let him roam around ur room?

    And did I read that right?! TWO WEEKS!? Well, I can’t blame you for being sick, and we rarely get to see u paint, so take your time…I’m looking forward to seeing ur masterful painting skills. :D

    Do you use Tamyia paints and Gundam marker? I hope you don’t breathe that stuff…from what I’ve read, its toxic…which is why I stick to acrylic arts paints. :D

    1. Yea… I just let Haro free roam since he doesn’t get very far.

      More like noob painting skills… and yea, I just a combo of the two. My Tamiya paints are all acrylic.

  4. Tamiya smells good at least… enamels smell like they’re out to destroy your lungs as soon as you open the jar. it’s still not good to let that junk get in your lungs too much though, which is why its a good idea to use a mask if you’re gonna be painting for long periods at a time.

    1. oh yea… the smell of enamel is what I really call FUME… I did not feel safe using it when I used to have a few bottles ^^;.

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