Nissin Kitsune Udon

Probably not the smartest idea to eat this in my current condition right now… but I’m hungry so whatever…

I love that patch of age (tofu sponge) included with the noodles!

Once its done cooking, the age will act like a sponge and soak up some of the broth, giving it flavor. The noodle is pretty awesome too… too bad even with over 2000 mg of sodium, I couldn’t taste a thing ^^;



Here’s something more delicious for you… :)


15 thoughts on “Nissin Kitsune Udon

          1. hmm… never heard of ‘gundam guy’… lemme ask uncle google.
            as for NK’s decision, it’s his blog and we should respect his decision, although for me its like cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. you can never control what others say or think and everyone is ultimately entitled to their own opinion methinks.

  1. Oh yea, Let’s be honest… we all know they’re actually singing “Z! Z! Z! Z! Baby! Baby! Baby!” instead of “gee! gee! gee!…” HAHAHA!


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