Burning Out?

Not really a WISP post but more like a “thought in process” thing. I am slowly sinking back into my old WISP habits again… I look at the parts, pick up a few pieces, put them together… and I become tired of it afterwards. Ever get that feeling where the project seems very far from completion and even something like inserting a PC part into a slot feels like a lot of effort?

Yea… I think I might need to take a little break for a bit and do something else for a change. Maybe a KR review or two would be refreshing…

P.S NK’s last post is out… I’ll read it when I get home later tonight.


28 thoughts on “Burning Out?

  1. hahah cheer up, dude. sometimes tiredness is tiring ^^;; i remember going for a marathon on a full-week, using all the daylights i have to assemble my MG WZC (imma assembling a bit slow sometimes) and doing a proportion fix for my SD Strike Noir in a whole night (2 hours sleep after that, but that isnt really do the work XD)

    for me, i had done snap-fitting my HG STRIKE FREEDOM and it isnt that bad..except for the failing railguns at the waist ^^;; looking at the raw kit itself, i know there’s gonna be a loooooooooooooong way ahead for me to re-render that kit ^^

    oh yes, NK’s last words, had gave it a pretty good read, and it is as much as thoughtful as im expecting it would be turning up but i didnt expect it to be THAT long XD however it is something to read and it is a MUST for everyone in gunpla community to read it.

  2. Time to take out those other figures and play ^^ Its good to rotate around different hobbies from time to time. Don’t feel the pressure to always keep posting. There is this chinese phrase my boss always say to me, taking a break will enable you to go the distance!

  3. There are five sites that I visit regularly for Gunpla reviews and news and other stuff:

    Z’s blog — mainly because of the beautiful omakes and photographs of his kits
    Dalong’s site — because he IS straightbuild
    Ngee Khiong’s blog — quite the resource for almost everything that’s Gunpla
    GunJap’s blog — same as above
    and rrobbert184’s video reviews (yes, that very guy NK mentioned in his last post that “threw” the HG Wing from the rooftop and sent it crashing down and recorded it on video. I’ve seen it myself — he did it three times I guess. But we may have different views, still the guy has his own passion for Gunpla and the smashing of HG Wing is his own style of kitbashing.)

    Anyway, the feeling of you being burnt out maybe is just because you know you still have plenty of kits to build, and a blog to maintain. That’s just normal Z.

    In my case, I’m getting burnt out for having not built anything since my MG Shining.

  4. Glad I am not alone. I just cant get to finishing panel lining, decaling and flat coating my gundams. Thoughts abound about doing more productive things in my life such as expanding my career. Maybe its those gorgeous dam Kawamori ACs from Kotobukiya. They are exhausting. I think I am going to take a break from gunpla for a bit and concentrate on reading my books I put aside for a while.

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