New MG 00 Qan[T] Photos

Time to move on back to Gunpla… with the MG 00 Qan[T]. This is an interesting release not because of the Gundam itself, but more because Bandai decided on this instead of the 00 Raiser that everyone expected/hoped for. Not to mention this is the first time a Gundam gets the MG treatment/announcement before people even saw it in action… or soon after, depending on when you learned about it. While I’m not enthusiastic about the design, I’ll still look at this Gundam solely because it….*gasp* wields swords.

Here’s a giant image of the straight-built model where you can see all the nubmarks (which are well hidden except the ones on the blue knee part) and stuff. If you simply just take a quick glance at it, it is kinda hard to tell that it is the MG and not the HG. The upper body I can like but I’m not feeling its legs… especially the ankle where it is narrower than the rest of the leg. I’ll wait for more photos of this in the flesh before I say I am interested in it or not.

Giant Promo/explanation scan in English. Heh… I think they should’ve put those panel lines on the outside of the armor instead ^^;. Due in Nov. 4500 yen.

INFO: For those who are attending the New York Comic-Con/Anime Festival, there will be a rapid prototype of this MG at the Gundam Booth. Along with other displays and exclusive products like the Ecopla and stuff. There’s also a model competition!  You’re eligible if you can drop of their entries by 3:30pm Oct 9 at booth 1536 if you are attending the event. Just a bit of a heads up for anyone interested.

All these images and information are courtesy of BlueFin who sent them to me.


75 thoughts on “New MG 00 Qan[T] Photos

  1. Since the PG of the 00 Raiser came out not long ago I’m not surprised to see they skipped it as the next MG (PG astray Red Frame anyone? How long it took before we got the actual MG?) and rather will recycle a whole bunch of the Exia’s inner frame.

    Already worked on the HG this will be a good model if they include some way to display the Bits around the Gundam, since that’s like its main feature.

    1. I don’t think it’ll take that long for bandai to release a MG 00 Raiser since it is fairly popular. some ways to display the bits would be nice… but not if it is those stinkin’ clear poles again.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but the GN sword V looks rather impractical with all that stuff tacked onto it. I liked the Exia and 00’s GN swords with the giant blade that swung out…so maybe I’m just prejudiced.

  3. Exia is right up there on my list of fav Gundam designs. (Just below Astray, Sinanju and Unicorn in Unicorn mode).

    TBH, like alot of you, I thought 00 Raiser would make the cut before this guy. Maybe Bandai is spicing up their Marketing strat?
    I hope MG Raiser will see the light of day eventually.
    Also hope this guy can wield his ridiculous Mother sword.

    Anyone care to explain to me the last point of the promo poster? About panel lines? I can’t make out the actual feature.

      1. Don’t a lot of models have that already? I remember my MG Freedom has that gimmick as well… but that was already a few years ago? I hope they are really putting effort into this 00Qan… so that they actually have something neat to show us later.

  4. I’ve had this nagging question for a while. Where did the GN sword IV go? I know the 00 Gundam (and 00 Raiser) wielded the GN swords II & III, but what happened to IV? I have to be missing something. Unless Exia Repair II had it… nah…

    1. Repair has the Gn Sword I Kai; Qan[T] has the Sword IV, but it’s occasionally referred to as the Sword V. Not sure why.

  5. Well, as long as it has some kind of sturdy joint system for the shield, like Kshatriya’s binderlock, and as long as the legs can hold pose, this might be a getter, although I was kind of hoping for a Harute…

  6. Kinda disappointed since the MG version of Quan[T] doesn’t give special features, other than more detailed works.

    they surely can give special features like the GN savers sword (my mistake, what is it called again ? :P), or maybe clear pipes, etc to make the sword bits fly…

    The head looks cool on the first pict…

  7. Hi Z,

    I just read all the comment, and I think, we can consider this as non-grade version 1/100, cannot say it is a MG product.. hate when the model is not perfect haish~~

    1. no model is perfect..even people still mod PG. even i will still mod this MG OOQ.

      you can declare a kit as NG 1/100 when it is bearing the MG logo, well, come on, it is just a OOB picture, lets just wait for the runners and manual and and and and and etc


      1. I agree. I’m not exactly thrilled with some of the colors and details in the pics, but it’s only a prototype. I still plan on getting this guy, and it’s gonna take a massive screwup on Bandai’s part to change my opinion.

  8. I’m not really feeling this one. Something about the proportions and color pattern irks me. Then again, I don’t really like the 00 movie’s other mecha designs either. (But I really liked the 00 series’ designs, so that’s saying something.)

  9. I’m in agreement with a lot of other people here, I’m not really that interested in this MG. I was intrigued when I first read that they were making a master grade 00, regardless of which one. But since I have the HG version already (haven’t built it yet), I don’t see much reason to pick this one up personally. The HG looks slimmer overall. the small ankles in relation to the rest of the leg are still there, but not as apparent. I’d be a lot more interested if they hinted at a Full Saber mode add-on later on, or something. I’ve read that hobby japan is releasing just such an add-on for the HG 00Q with one of their future issues.

  10. if u don’t want to but it then don’t complain about it. sigh it is very easy the money is in your hand and Bandai doesn’t care if you guys want to buy it or not. there’s a lot of people who eager to buy this kit than most of you people. this kind of attitude that made NK is no more. although i think NK is act very childish in his decision. =b

  11. actually, the part about Bandai producing MGs before seeing it in action is untrue. remember when we got the Unicorn and Sinanju way before the OVAs were ever announced?

  12. Bandai probably did this because of how similiar it looks to the Exia. Less frame changes means more cost saving for Bandai (shakes fist!) I WANT MY MG 00 GUNDAM!

  13. I don’t think we can confidently judge whether Bandai reused Exia’s frame or not at this point because we haven’t even seen the inner frame yet. So let’s just wait and see… no need to jump to conclusions yet.

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