RD RX-78-2 Gundam Pics

Best. Gundam. Hammer. Ever! What more can I say?

Dear Bandai, the next time you release a MG RX-78-2 variation… please include that Hammer. I’ll buy it :D

More images at Gundam Guy (now some of you will know who to go to for Gunpla news). Just out of habit, I still find myself clicking to NK’s blog a few times a day for updates…


27 thoughts on “RD RX-78-2 Gundam Pics

    1. Oh i never looked at the MG G Fighter review before so didn’t know it comes with one… well, that’s cool. Just checked it out.. and I still don’t think it looks as sharp though ^^;

      1. But you should. You’re missing out on wonderful RDs like this one and Turn A. Such a shame. :)

        I have an EMSiA RX-78-2 (Z already knows, but just incase…), and it has two Gundam hammers; one being the Hyper version. More basic, smaller, less spiky… I think there was a longer chain, though. None of them seem long enough to do something like the following as a cool diorama, though:

  1. If they gave the Real Grade these in some kind of upgrade kit, by Char, I’d get it with no second thought. That beam saber is worth it, but that hammer is just the gold bar on the whipping cream!

  2. Damn, why didn’t they include all these armnaments in the regular kits!!! Maybe i should just get this RD straight up!!

        1. I like 1/144, personally. If I ever continue my Gunpla hobby (it’ll be some time before I do), I’ll finish the ones I have before going 1/100-scale with an MG (not that I think it’s super-hard if–as Z puts it–it’s like up-scaled 1/144s with more parts to snap together).

          And RDs are actually not only non-scaled, they’re smaller than 1/144-scale most of the time. They’re more like MSiA in this regard; between the 1/144 and 1/200 scales, but not having an actual scale to it.

  3. Um Z, do you know any blogs/websites that give gunpla related updates like ngee khiong? I cannot go through each day without going to his blog a few times and i get disappointed everytime i go there now >.<

    1. yea… seems to be a greenish gray. I think that’s a bit typical of plastic figures though. Seen it before… though I don’t think it’s common but I’m really to bet this is just the photo.

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