Haro Randomness

Remember a couple of post back I was talking about how Haro reacts to my coughs? Well, I recorded a couple of videos just to test out the video function of my Lumix GF1 so… let’s check things out ^^;.

Yea… while I’m feeling better for the most part, I am still left with the coughs. All this coughing is giving my abs a workout!

I love photography. Video, on the other hand, is not really my thing and I don’t really want to get into the youtube stuff so I disabled comments and search. I really like the video quality out of the GF1 though… maybe I’ll play around with making a few more videos if I am brave enough ^^;

Here are some other Haro misadventures…

Poor Haro… always getting into misadventures and no one seems to care… xD


40 thoughts on “Haro Randomness

  1. Was this using the JPEG video mode or the HD one? I was thinking of getting the GF1 as soon as I get a part time job but since no stores have the actual model on display it’s hard to be able to decide between the GF1 and a Pentax model.

    1. err.. *goes to check* AVCHD ^^;. Yea… none of the stores carry the GF1 too so I took like the longest time in deciding to buy it since I couldn’t see it in person…. until Danny Choo let me played around with his.

      1. Speaking of Danny Choo, i just removed his feed from my blog (the whole look was getting to cluttered for my taste) but my posts are still being picked up by Otaku FM.

        This feels like cheating/wrong, so do I need to do something to ‘un-link’ my blog from otaku-fm?

        Much appreciated.

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