Out of Action; On Meds Right Now…

“Yo Z! Where’s the next WISP?!” – Sorry, but I don’t think I can show any WISP for just a bit longer ^^;. Went to see the doc yesterday for a few things.

Firstly, for some reason my coughs are always incurable unless I get prescription medicine… which lead to me to taking the same pills for the third time (orange tube).

The pile of blue antibiotics is a bit more interesting I guess… I have to finish all that in a little over a week; I won’t describe the cause I had to see the doctor but… the consequence involved getting sliced by a scalpel (with no anesthetic of course) and leaving me a miniature crater on part of my body ^^;.  So now that I can’t really sit, walk, or lay down comfortably…  then guess I should just sit back and hibernate until the wound patches up or something. Sadly, this is only a temporary solution and eventually, I’ll probably need surgery. Ah well…

The yogurt is also part of my med… apparently, the blue pills also kills the “good bacteria” in my stomach so I need to eat live active cultures to replace them otherwise there will be some crappy side effects… Heh. I was recommended to take a total of four(!) different pills but I told the doc “NO THANKS!”… not liking the idea of all these chemicals entering my body all at once.

I’m not complaining though… there are countless people fighting for their lives in worse situations than I am that this is pretty much just a minor inconvenience. No wait… I do have one complaint though- I really hate changing bandages… ^^;


Sorry for this uninteresting post. Here’s a couple of funny videos to make up for it :)

Took this out of Q’s twitter xD

Found this after watching the first video ^^. These two goes well with my other old favorite….

LOLlerskating Ninjas! Posted this awhile back but it’s still funny ^^;.

One last thing… Watermelon yogurt does not taste like watermelon… at all.


39 thoughts on “Out of Action; On Meds Right Now…

  1. be patient my dear friend. i have patients who need to take more than 5 types of medication one day for life… hope you recover soon? btw, can you choose the flavour for the yogurt? :P

  2. Sounds like you have quite the Zrious virus. I’m guessing carpal tunnel syndrome or something, or something to do with your hands.

  3. Oh, dude…not cool…I really hope you get better soon…it reminds me of my own condition, and I was coughing for a month before taking a few antibiotics to make it go down…turns out all it was was some bronchitis. Nothing much to worry about…but I’m concerned about you…you have to get surgery…? Really wish you luck, man…get well soon.

    Could ur condition be the result of too much paint/topcoat use?

    …and hilarious videos. I remember the roller-skating ninjas from a while back, but as you said, it’s still funny. xDD

  4. Relax Z, don’t make this website your top priority. Take care of your health first.
    Get better soon! And not for just the sake of keeping this website running. We care about your health as well :D

  5. Yeah I was gonna Prescribe Howard and Kumar as a LOL medicine, but you seem to be headin in The right path to curing yourself.

    Oh and Get Well Soon

  6. Watching some Japanese porn when you sick will help you to recover quicker… the erection and maybe the ejaculation will help to make you stronger and healthier…

  7. sorry for the late comments Z, i hope you already healed when i commented this ^^
    as for me, although i’m a medical student, i never eat medication for minor disease like coughing. But, now, the cough really annoys me so eventually i drink cough syrup. :P

    as for the antibiotics, don’t rely too much on it, as you know, it may kill “Good bacteria” if taken too much


    1. Thanks man ^^

      Yea I usually don’t take meds for any minor stuff that will heal eventually. However, my coughs always turn into something that OTC drugs just can’t relieve. annoying but oh well.

      I am eating plenty of yogurt to replace those bacteria! Though I am getting sick of the yogurt as well…

      1. If you getting sick of yoghurt, try “Yak*lt”, fermented milk drink, but not as sour as yoghurt. Has good bacteria for your intestine too ^^ (Lactobacillus casei)
        It’s Japon product, it’s sell well here ^^

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