Kamen Rider Kuuga

600th Post Reached! Kuuga… the first KR series of the Heisei Era. I think it’s a pretty straightforward good-vs-evil series so while it is easy to watch, some will probably find it boring due to its simple plot ^^;. I won’t go into much details/spoilers just in case some of you are planning on watching it eventually. The main protagonist and only Rider (yes, the above image is all the same person), Godai Yusuke, is your gentle, happy-go-lucky, god-bless-his-soul fellow who lives to protect everyone’s smile from the nasty and evil Grongi. Wow. Really though… the kaijin (“monsters”) in this series are pretty cruel in killing people; blowing up school girls, crushing people against a wall with a truck, running people down with a motorcycle, setting people on fire while they’re still alive… pretty violent compared to what you see nowadays ^^;. I usually dislike such clean characters like Godai but I love how he endorses himself and stick his “Kuuga” mark on just about everything- on his bike, t-shirt, belt buckle, apron… you name it. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone taking so much joy and happiness in being a Rider xD.

I must say though… while very enjoyable overall, I felt like all the amazing/rising stuff were cut really, really short; the upgraded forms barely have any screen time. The most disappointing part was the last battle… It was a very brutal (the bloodiest I’ve seen in KR so far) and manly battle but it was SOOOO SHORT! TWO MINUTES! The epilogue took up an ENTIRE EPISODE!

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Ultimate Kuuga all this time, hoping to see some ULTIMATE RIDER KICK that can destroy the world, or some other ultimate pwnage… but instead, it only got like 30 seconds of screen time throwing a few punch and kicks before the fight became the predecessor to Simon vs. Anti-Spiral’s fist fight.

This was rather amazing :D

Yes, Godai is a caring, gentle, and warmhearted person… just don’t piss him off.

Anyhow, despite my minor disappointments, everything else (pacing, storyline, fight, special effects) was pretty well done and organized… I really do like this series a lot ^^. It’s worth at least looking into if you are not interested. ^_^b

Note to someone: I was going to make this a post about Linkin Park but decided to write about KR instead :)


26 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Kuuga

      1. his potential number of combinations is extremely high. I think in terms of possible combinations there’s hundreds.

  1. After watching most KR series in the Heisei Era. Kuuga is still my favourite rider in the Heisei Era.
    I love the character, the only thing that disappointed me is the ending, I wanted so much more.

  2. Kuuga is great in his era, my only complaint is same with you

    very very suck last battle… T_T

    while it’s bloddy and stuff, i want to see actual fight, with the rider kick finisher or something.

  3. I’ll be finished watching the entirety of Kamen Rider W soon. Once I’m done with that, I think I’ll give this a try. But then, Kamen Rider 555 also seems nice…

    Honestly, Shinkenger has spoiled me for every other Sentai/Rider/Japanese Live Action Superhero show in recent years, until I tried W.

    1. Really? Shinkenger? I don’t know what to make of it since I try not to step foot into the sentai realm of tokusatsu ^^;.

      Kuuga and Faiz are equally good! Though I think Faiz can be depressing at times…

  4. oh man, i just finished it also.
    the final battle with daguva is kinda, anti climactic i must say. i was hoping it to be like DBZ, u know, big explosion, final rider kick and such.

    but the series itself is like a cop drama with addition of ancient monsters + kamen rider. i love ichijo, that is one great supporting character, unlike nowadays.

    but, i cant see bloody fights like the final duel between daguva n kuuga in KR nowadays. how i want KR to be like Kuuga n Agito, full of horror n nice drama.

    p/s : i was shocked whn i 1st saw daguva kills people with burning them, it was like (O o O). i thought it was a kid tv prog. haha.

    1. Ichijou and by extension, Hikawa from Agito (they might as well be the same person…), are badass characters who doesn’t just stand there to be saved all the time by the rider. They go in and fight without even caring that they’ll just be pushover most of the time. Nowadays, supporting characters are pretty much reduced to cheerleader status… >_>

      And yea… as I’m watching the series in a reverse chronological order (from W going to Kuuga), I can kinda see the fights and violence becoming stronger and stronger as I go back in time xD. W is seriously kiddy compared to the likes of Kuuga, Agito, and Faiz.

      1. W is all about being a BRO lol. Perhaps the only “violence” (if you can call it like that) is FangJoker slashing grunts to oblivion and that happens only in episode 16 I think. That and oh, Accel getting pwned by Terror and Utopia.

  5. i wish we had more screentime with powered up forms too, but at the same time the last battle felt to me like a portrayal of how even though people could be cruel, as long as there were people like Ichijo and Godai the Gegeru would never come to fruition. The fight with zeba showed just how different they were when zeba is laughing and enjoying the violence while godai is hating every single second of it.

    but yeah, definitely wish the extent of Ultimate Kuuga’s power was shown!

    1. Yea… I saw the contrast between the two during the last fight. Heck, it seemed like Godai was even crying o_o

      Sad that Decade’s watered-down Ultimate Kuuga had more screen time but was relegated to a jobber… ToT

      1. i think he is crying.

        hah, seeing Kuuga in Decade is a dissapointment to me.
        i was hoping him to be more, how do i say it, more violent, and also more screentime. and also more doing this (^_^) b. Kuuga is a joke in Decade.

        dont u think Kuuga is playing the same gegeru like Daguva, only that they are killing the Grongi that is playing the gegeru?

  6. Holy shiat! 0.0 Hurray for standing still and taking a nuclear rider kick! :D … Y’know, now that I think about it, having bug eyes is one of the KR trademarks…

  7. Yeah the Ultimate Kuuga doesn’t do rider kick, because they said that he is too overpowered and if he does it, then all of Japan will be blown up like in his vision/dream

  8. Kuuga is still one of my favorites. The show itself can’t match up with newer ones simply because of its age. But the story is nice still.

    Kuuga is easily one of the strongest riders. I loved seeing it in action in decade, but they nerfed Ultimate form too much… :/

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