Gundam UC 2nd ED- Everlasting

This is the ending theme for Gundam Unicorn episode 2. Kylee is <3. Her voice is <3. This song is <3. Check it out.



17 thoughts on “Gundam UC 2nd ED- Everlasting

  1. As I am typing this, I just wiped away a whole bunch of text because I don’t want a repeat of my LP comments. When I was originally typing up this message, I only listened to the first thirty seconds. As I’m typing now, I thought, “Ah, what the hell…” and am listening to the song entirely.

    The music bed reeks of the ’00-era of pop music (naturally; we’re just finishing a year of a new one), and it’s cute. The music bed seems a bit sappy, though. After self-noting (and noting in my “first draft” of this post) the fluent English and “northern American” accent, I looked her up and saw she was born in the States. When I saw that she was born in May of ’94, though, I thought and still think that I’m starting to feel pretty old. Ugh.

    I also looked into Vacancy; which has stronger “reeks” of the ’00-era of music with it’s pop rock bed. I prefer Everlasting’s music bed, but in either case, and in either language, she sings pretty good. And yes, she is pretty.

    And since I’ve mentioned reeking this and reeking that, the CG spheres scattered over the cover of the song reeks of a cheap ’90s CG look you’d find in how-to and business-type videos and programs of the era.

    1. when you first mentioned 00-era, i thought you meant Gundam 00 >_>. I never watched past the first ten seconds of the MV but have listened to this song probably over ten times by now. I was afraid the MV might ruin my own “image” of what the song is about ^^;.

      You’re not the only one feeling old after looking up her age…

  2. I really wish I could relate the song to the show somehow. I mean, Utada Hikaru’s Beautiful World had the lyrics “beautiful boy” over and over again and referred to Shinji, probably. I guess “I feel you by my side” could be Banager talking to Audrey, but that’d be kind of weird.

  3. LOL complaining and more complaining ever were i go i hear complaining. ever were i just say it Human nature to complain. it really is even me LOL

    anyways i like the song.

  4. Meh, s’alright…although I guess my opinion is kinda skewed since I’ve recently started listening and pretty much getting addicted to Black Rock Shooter and just can’t stop…

    Maybe once I get over that I’ll revisit this song….

  5. Cute, but I don’t like the video.

    As for singing, I haven’t looked up the lyrics yet, but I’m not really moved by the words and voice. From the first impression, it doesn’t feel as strong compared to some of the other gundam songs such as “Friends” by Stephanie and “Trust You (TV ver. only)” by Yuna Itou. Maybe that will change after Unicorn 2 comes out, I don’t know.

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