Haro Repair! Exterminating the Target!

After more than 12 hours since I last noticed its batteries were all drained, the LED in its left eye is still on so I figured “hell… why not…”. BEHOLD! HARO REPAIR!

Haro… like you’ve never seen it before.

Listening to Fight from 00 OST2 is very fitting while going through this post ^^;

Haro would’ve owned all of A-Laws by itself… eat your heart out, Setsuna!

*Sound effect of Eye lighting up*

Sinister and cute… a rare combination

Lumix GF1>>XSi in low light shooting o_o


What amazing articulation! Haro can pose just as well as the average MG… >_>



31 thoughts on “Haro Repair! Exterminating the Target!

    1. Hey, guess I wasn’t the only one who got the “hair” vibe out of haro when I first clipped it on xD.

      And the HGUC Sinanju… if you didn’t told me that it was an HGUC, then I wouldn’t have figured it out. It looks soooo close to the MG!

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