MG Gundam Wing Line-Up

I’m sure we all know the 50th All-Japan Plamodel Hobby Show is taking place right now thanks to coverage from multiple sites so I’ll skip the “oOoOo…Ahhhh!” talk and would like to take this chance to point out just one thing…

First off… the obvious is obvious. I think we all already got the idea that Bandai will release the entire GW (“Ver. Ka”) line-up eventually… it was only a matter of time. Now for the not so obvious…. With the exception of the two Deathscythes and Wing on display, the other three are NOT MGs (despite what the label said). The Sandrock you see above is the HG 1/100 Sandrock Custom… custom painted and fitted with MG hands. Dead giveaway- the elbows are PC parts.

I am assuming Bandai didn’t have the real prototype mold (a la MG Deathscythe Hell Custom) so they just went ahead and painted the older models in their respective “early”/pre-upgrade color schemes. This is a HG 1/100 Nataku… though I don’t know where they got the Trident beam effect from >_>.

At first look, I was shocked that Bandai already finished the “final” prototype of the rest of the GW boys’ Gundams but upon closer examination, I knew some things seemed off. Just about every part is painted and this MG Heavyarms Custom is very apparent of that. Still… this means Bandai is definitely working on the real things and we’ll probably get most of them by the end of next year. I’m just pointing this out because some might mistaken these as the real “MG” models and start complaining about why they look so “bleh” xD. I used to have all the HG 1/100 EW models so this was a bit more apparent to me…

And here’s the biggest non-surprise! HAHA! The reward for waiting will be arriving sooner than I thought! Strange that the model shown is a completely new mold (meaning it is not a MG Deathscythe + new castings) though… is Bandai not reusing parts? *gasp* Also noticed Bandai forgot to pull out the red “claws” on the upper side of the wings xD. I must say though… the wings look kinda…. not sure how to put it, but I think it needs more sharpness? Compare it with the HG 1/100:

Still… I am soooo looking forward to the MG Deathscythe Hell Custom and the rest of the GW boys!

All images stolen from Gundam Guy… minus the very last one ^^;.


54 thoughts on “MG Gundam Wing Line-Up

  1. Oh, so that’s why Shenlong/Nataku’s beam trident looks like it has a piece of cardboard at the end. It’s a mock-up.

    I’ll definitely get Sandrock and Heavyarms and I’ll see about the others. Maybe we’ll get a Taurus this time around.

  2. Am I the only one who wants to see a MG Wing Zero? Not the EW version, i liked the tv version better. It was the perfect gundam imo. The movie version was just kinda crazy and unrealistic (as far as 60 foot flying war machines go). Epyon could use a mg as well, that suit is just too intricate for a hg to do it justice.

  3. I didnt know the sample is actually a HG 1/100 wow… Z u got awesome eye :D

    I was pretty surprise when saw those pic.. theres no way that Bandai have done all those prototype in 1 go >_<…

  4. I’ve never really b een fond of the movie versions of the 5 Gundams…although I hate Bandai for making me choose between the original Anime versions or the OVA Vers…DAMNIT!! I would love to buy both, but that would require copious amounts of money, which I don’t have…*cries* WHY IS IT SO HARDDD??!!

  5. As a bit of clarification, yes the Shenlong, Heavyarms, and Sandrock are the HG 1/100 models recolored for the public to imagine what a MG of these would look like. Keep in mind that this is like the case of the MG F90, which was on display next to the F91 some years ago (and there is no MG F90 still).

    Bandai is always fairly ambiguous in their “future release” or “under consideration” text since it allows them to release something immediately or far ahead into the future (i.e. they won’t lie, but they also won’t give a definitive answer). The Testament Gundam from Gundam Seed Astray, had a “now planning” label, with a working prototype but it looks like that ship has long since sailed.

    The DSH ver EW is complete, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will release it right away. The prototype on display uses the old MG Deathscythe prototype from a few months ago, and has the batwing backpack strapped on.

    The batwings, shoulders, and forearm guards are the only new parts.

  6. have you seen the pictures of 1/100 (what I think is a master grade) Leo and Master Grade wing zero what did you think of those

    1. Well, first and foremost, I think even in news before it was hinted at we’d eventually get all of Katoki’s versions of the GW Gundams, but beginning with the first ones that showed up in Newtype mag (but should’ve been in the EW flashbacks), and then the ones that were animated in the OVA.

      But I would think Okawara’s Altron (followed secondly by Katoki’s Altron) would make you think of G Gundam’s Dragon Gundam. Either Shenlong reminds me less of Dragon Gundam then either Altron, but you should really blame Okawara since he was thinking of Dragon Gundam when designing Shenlong.

      (And by the way, I know it’s in every official Bandai product, but it’s kind of a poke to the arm of my nitpicking tendencies that people think of Nataku as the actual name for Altron. Wufei gave that name as a nickname to both Shenlong and Altron.)

  7. As an “MG virgin” still, let alone a 1/100-scale virgin (I wish I wasn’t by now, at least), I didn’t immediately pick that up until it was pointed out. One thing I noticed before (and do now), though, is that “MG” Shenglong ver. EW (and that goes for 1/100 HG Altron ver. EW as well) seems to share the legs of the 1/100-scaled HG Shenglong (TV). The 1/144-scaled Altron ver. EW model has the correct leg design.

    Anyway, I was excited at first, and while it died down after what should’ve been obvious to me has been pointed out, I still have some enthusiasm over that they’re still pushing the MG GW/EW Gundams (especially the “pre-upgraded ones; sorry, but as much as I like DSH ver. EW/Bat-Gundam myself, I am less enthusiased about it than you guys are).

    I’m a bit more enthusiased about the HGFC Nobel Gundam (a.k.a. Sailor V Gundam). Yeah, it’ll be less detailed and maybe even less articulated than the GFF counterpart (I don’t know; I have neither so far), but it’ll be a cheaper alternative to the GFF, and I’d be better able to customize it! I wouldn’t touch an expensive GFF to customize it, but I would with a model. At least it’ll be cheaper than finding a rare B-Club model that is so very expensive. After doing it by CG a time or two, I might as well.

    Until then, hello Kapool… (My Gunpla hobby is making a slow-but-sure comeback. Hopefully it’ll speed up, given favorable conditions for it. I at least managed to fix a problem in my RD figure and an EMSiA of mine…)

    And again (and most importantly), I hope you’ll feel better in spirit soon, Z. Despite how chaotic life can be, I hope things will eventually work out for you and soon.

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