Sorry for the sudden disappearance and lack of recent updates but I think I’m going to have to disappear (from the internet) for just a bit longer. I am neither too busy nor overwhelmed by school work but I don’t feel like blogging right now. Some things in life are starting to get the better of me and I’m in a very negative state of mind at the moment so it’s better I disappear for awhile so the negativity doesn’t slip onto this blog (though it has happened on multiple occasions); I try to avoid having negative energy get into this blog because my posts will sound disgusting when I reread it in the future… not to mention it ruins some of the fun out of this hobby and you shouldn’t have to put up with it either. I want some time to clear my head. I’ll be back when I feel I can put out more enjoyable contents for you again.

As you can see, I am done with the 00 7S/G and it is ready for the photoshoot but I’m in no mood for it. I’ll promise the review will be done by the end of the month though. Please continue to help each other out when Gundam/model questions arise while I am gone. Again, sorry and thank you for your patience.


49 thoughts on “Gone

  1. I hope nothing gets too crappy, buddy. I’ve been pretty pooped recently too; it’s important you let it clear or thing’s might just get crappier – it’ll change the way you begin to see things as well. Soooooooooooo, warm regards and get well soon my friend.
    I remember when my mother would scold me if I ever let my negative views spill over someone.^^

  2. Same’s happening to me right now…I’m just feeling so down because my own parents practically told me that I’ll die from cancer one day due to my hobby…and they make no effort to stop me!

    Guess it’s all this feeling about dying or having a serious medical problem or something…damn, I just get that helpless feeling like I’m all alone in this big blue world…

    Whatever the case, take some time off, Z. You deserve it. Even in your absence, the presence of us lively Gunpla fans will keep this blog alive. ;D

  3. There have been a lot of times in my life, Z, that I felt similarly. Especially this year. It really sucks to have negativity linger around you after things happen. I wish this is only temporary not just because I’d like to still see you blog (as it hurts to lose another Gunpla website I regularly visit), but primarily because I can understand that having pain in your life can hurt, and doesn’t really change things for the better.

    I personally have gone through many changes in my life, and I’ll go through more. One or two may be for the better, but I can hardly see it right now. Still, just try and be around favorable friends or family from time to time that can help, relax with whatever relaxes you (if not Gunpla for the sake of entertaining yourself offline, then maybe a book/game/tv show/some music/etc.), and try and take things as easy as possible.

    And please try and have some fun on Halloween, Z. Regardless of whether you believe it’s an excuse to party or the evil incarnate, just try and have some fun for that weekend, at the very least.

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  5. Yeah, I know how you feel. Some days, I just don’t feel right. All I do is lay on the bed, staring at the cieling. Take your time Z. We’ll all be waiting for you when you want to.

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