Sushi and Yakiniku

Among other things this blog is lacking, a post about food is one of them. What good is inochi without food?! Met up with a friend on friday and we head out for sushi to celebrate his birthday. Awesome sushi at Saburo’s is awesome… and huge.

The lighting in the place was very dim and inconsistent so taking photos were hard to take even with my GF1’s pancake lens. Got some less than satisfying shots but I was too hungry to care about it at the time when the food came out ^^;.

they say you have to put the entire sushi in your mouth and chew… but that’s physically impossible with these sushi!

California roll with real crabmeat

*sigh* I still suck at taking impromptu photos on the run/spot…

The seared salmon was excellent… *drools*

Salmon belly <3

Loaded with real crabmeat! I even ran across some tiny shards of the shell in one of them ^^;

Rest of the plate; more of the same.

Gyoza tempura I supposed. This was full of yum!

The rest of our appetizers… fried calamari and tori no karaage.

Having such a great time, we were easily amused by the simplest of things in the restaurant… such as this aluminum bottle of coke which we bought at the end as omiyage. lawl. It looks really cool though… ^^;

cool painting

Awesome neko sensei. That was certainly a great night. Now let’s move on to the next day…


Time for Yakiniku again! Gathered with a group of my closest Japanese friends last night for a carnivorous evening of meat grilling and spiritual drinking to celebrate yet another birthday ^^;. Can’t have yakiniku without plenty of meat so we picked up various beef (plates, tongue, ribeye, short rib, etc.), chicken gizzards, and pork… with half the stuff marinated in a hot and spicy sauce and another half in a sweet shoyu mixture. the gizzard and gyutan are best grilled as is :)

Gotta have the eryngii take (king oyster mushrooms) and side dishes like onions, jalapeno and kimchi. Of course, we didn’t forget the rice.

Did I mention we were also doing some spiritual drinking that promotes the bonding and strengthening of great friendships?

Who said Chinese and Japanese people can’t get along peacefully?

Started grilling the gizzards first because they take the longest to cook… and must be cooked thoroughly!

The full table

Yakiniku at one’s home… it’s a time of harmony.

the sound of marinated meat sizzling… the aroma of sesame oil and the grill… the laughters… the happiness…

What’s not to love about having a perfectly good time?

My bowl with bits of just about everything…

Amazing that we managed to finish everything we bought that night ^^. After the meal, we just hang out and chat away about life and stuff as one person pass out after another until we decided to sleep… at around 5 AM xD. And here I am now… blogging this ^^;.

I’m done for now but I got more stuff to post later so I’ll be back soon. Have a Happy Haroween! watch out for pigs if you are going to be out having fun though…


50 thoughts on “Sushi and Yakiniku

  1. Zhi! I am at Saburo this moment. Enjoying it. Definetly better than a lot of the Portland City Center’s sushi houses.
    Too many people flooding in >~<

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