MOAR Kamen Rider Kids and Guests…

Picked up a few more of these at the supermarket recently to accompany the ones I bought last time. Couldn’t resist not picking them up since they are only a couple of bucks each ^^;.

Silly me for trying to peak into the box when all I need to do was read the top of the it to find out what’s inside >_>. “kono hako ni wa Kamen Rider Joker ga haitte iruzo!”

“Ore wa Kamen Raidaa… Jyokaa”

Eternal… haven’t seen the last W movie but this guy looks cool.

TRIAL! Maybe I should panel and paint the wheels on this thing…

The bland ramune candy that comes with each toy…


And yea… this is where they sit at the end.


Surprised that it is taller than I expected…


Too bad it is a fixed figure… can’t change this silly pose D:

For $6, this is like one of the most and best detailed figures I’ve ever bought ^^;.

What is it that they see ahead of them…


While we are on the subject of these shokugan, I guess it is appropriate to show the others that I’ve collected in the past.


The overall sculpt of this CC is nice and detailed but accuracy is a bit off I think… ^^;

But at least it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg like regular figures would.

Lelouch… fabulous as always. Notice the lower quarter of his legs are clear blue xD

I genuinely suck at taking photos of human-type figures/models…

Too bad I can’t switch the head so he can wear the mask… or actually I can, but his head will look really weird without a neck and the mask just sitting on his shoulders. You can’t really see it since his hair is casting a shadow over it but his left eye has the geass on.

“I, Lelouch vi Britannia, commands you… DIE!”… man, I missed Code Geass.

What cool or high quality shokugan do you have? Do show and tell ^^


30 thoughts on “MOAR Kamen Rider Kids and Guests…

  1. Damn, It’s been YEARS since I went to Uwajimaya…
    Zhi, where can you find the items in Uwajimaya? I thought it was at the very right of the store from where you enter, right behind the Customer Service counter. But last time I checked they were all missing.

    Uwajimaya was so kickass when I was ten. They had every HGUC on display. Now…. :<

    1. Fairly smooth this term (surprisingly), or at least less busy than my summer term even though it was only one class. Got a bit more time to blog at least. Thanks for asking ^^.

        1. I’ve learned in math that adding an extra dimension always generates more complications ^^;.That is some advanced stuff there… looks fun though.

  2. MWAHAHAHAA!! YESS! U FINALLY SHOWED THEM!! …aaanddd I’ll calm down now. xD

    Remember awhile back I requested that you took some photos of them Code Geass figs? Glad you god around to them. ^^lll

    Shookugan…are they somewhat similar to Gashapon? I’m not so sure I have any, but I have gotten quite a bit of little Gashapon-esque Gundam figures with candy inside…and they actually taste quite good! Dunno whats in them, but they’re actually quite nice…ever tried ’em, Z? xD

    1. Shokugan and Gachapon both have that element where you never know what you might get. Except Sho you pick up in a box and Gach you have to put your coin in and anticipate while you spin the roller and wait for your ball to come out. Of course, Gachapons seem to be smaller in size compared to Shokugan.
      Meh, I’m on the fence about the candy. Sometimes they’re good, other times they’re not. Well, Japanese candy is a lot better off than Chinese Shokugan ones and HubbaBubba. But I’m not going to keep buying a Shokugan I’m not willing to collect just because the candy tastes like sex in your mouth though.

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