Next Project… My Last HGUC model…

I hope this model is “not just for show”!

I’ve come to really not like this coated color on runners anymore; damn thing leaves terrible black nubmarks after cleaning it- that’s highly counterproductive.

I like how the Nu Gundam gets all the Fin Funnels while the HGUC Hi-Nu only gets two functional ones. Haha…They’re all useless without a means to display them anyway >_>

Very nice color separation and coolsome beam effect parts; Someone at Bandai really must love the Nu Gundam!

Not sure how long this will take me but I’ll try to get done by the end of the month… and if I don’t, there are other new reviews of other things coming around ^^;.


42 thoughts on “Next Project… My Last HGUC model…

  1. Hmm… didn’t think anyone would confuse the title like that… like Nyanerius said, it’s just the last 1/144 kit I have in my backlog ^^;. I’m sure I’ll have more in the future…

  2. I think the HG Eva Model Kits are well engineered, except for the arms which only can bend up to 90degrees, it’s all because Bandai covered the arms with rubber, some people says it’s nice coz’ it looks like more… humanoid than robotics thing, try build it Z!(If you want to) But it isn’t 1/144, but… beware of foil stickersss!!! but why Bandai didn’t make the 2.0. Version of Nu Gundam ?!!! XD

  3. I built this model. The amount of details is just wonderfull. The only downside of this model is that the articulation is REALLY limitted.

      1. I ended up getting the HWS and doing that, I figured the HWS is strong enough without funnels. It’s quite nice and balanced. Also very overpowered looking.

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