1/144 Nu Gundam WISP 1

Hmm… For those of you who can snap-fit an entire MG in two or so hours, wanna share your secret on how to achieve that amazing feat? After an hour and a half, all I managed to get done is the body and head for my 1/144 Nu.

The head is pretty amazing; the helmet is just one solid piece! Stupid me for trying to test-fit the “face” into the helmet… I had a really hard time trying to take it out! I’m planning to topcoat this model also so I left the foils out for the moment.

Begin working on the arms now. I’ll be thankful if I can finish this model before thanksgiving break. Peace out!



29 thoughts on “1/144 Nu Gundam WISP 1

  1. I’m a little embarrassed to admit, but I straight built my pg strike gundam and pg red frame in maybe 8-12 hours each. Both times I was watching gundam seed the whole time. The reason it’s embarrassing is because these were the first 2 models I built, so the nubs weren’t sanded down, there’s no topcoat on them, no paint, no decals/stickers. I do plan to eventually go back and fix what I can, but it’s one of those things that I’m kind of dreading. Knowing how much they cost, I kind of don’t want to know how much I ruined them with my inexperience. One way or the other, they were still plenty of fun to build without all that hastle of sanding and stuff, and they led me to build more, so it can’t be all bad.

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