Wonton Noodle Soup

Bored  with nothing to do on a chilly Sunday afternoon in November, a hearty bowl of wonton noodle soup with friends should lighten up the day ^^.

No MSG? In a Chinese restaurant?! NO WAI! That’s pretty awesome actually ^^;.

Menu… loads of noodle combination and whatnot.

Start with some appetizers first… here is a plate of beef tripe (tribe? tripe? x_x). Eat this with some sort of spicy chili mixed with soysauce. ’twas okay but a bit bland… it needed to be more chewy; the stuff was almost like jelly o_o.

gailan (“Chinese broccoli”) with oyster sauce

My favorite- “fried ghost” haha

My bowl of Wonton noodle soup. Those wontons are huge! Well… bigger than the average ones I usually see…

Wonton and squid balls.

Wonton and beef brisket and “wave noodles”. Haha… my friends always look at me funny whenever we go out to eat and I’m taking photos left and right.

The noodles has a good bite to them and the broth tasted “clear” (sign of no MSG?) which was very pleasant and drinkable.  It’s been awhile since I came here so everything was all the more delicious. ご馳走様でした!^_^

Wontons your thing?


32 thoughts on “Wonton Noodle Soup

          1. Wonton noodles… my favourite dish ever.

            The ones found in Western countries unfortunately aren’t the ones I grew up with…

            The ones in Southeast Asia look like this:

            with the soup and wontons in a separate bowl.

            Not even in Melbourne where there are so many Asians can I find the type of wonton noodles that I like.

  1. Mmmhmm! Chinese food! Dip your wonton in red vinegar Z? AND how can you not have congee with your fried ghosts?! Should’ve had congee instead of tripes! Anyways just curious Z, do you also Yum Cha too?

    BTW Pho is good on a cold day too! Big hearty bowl of zeh noodles.. MMMMMMmm

    1. Nope I don’t touch vinegar… Tried it once and didn’t like it >_>. I didn’t order the tripes! If I had congee then I wouldn’t be able to down that bowl of wonton haha.

      I do all the Chinese things that you can think of! xD

  2. 油炸鬼=fried ghost
    I never think of that lol
    I eat wonton noodles almost every morning, I prefer the dried noodles than soup

  3. im more of a dumpling person. I love soupy dumplings on a cold winter day made by grandma makes the world seem a lil more bearable. and might i add: WHO IS PSYCHED FOR BLACK OPS!

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