Metal Build 1/100 00 Seven Sword

While this is not new news, I would like to talk about it since I find it very intriguing and my interest is highly piqued. Time to poke around and speculate! :D

Point of interest #1: This seems to be a new line-up or at least a one-of-a-kind product; thankfully it is not a GFF Metal Composite (otherwise it might be more expensive).

Point of interest #2: Instead of the usual 00 Raiser, we are getting the SEVEN SWORD right off the bat! 7 SWORD! It’s like Bandai is pandering me!

Point of interest #3: At least to me, this is the best iteration of the 00 Gundam I’ve seen so far. It’s like they took the PG 00, scaled it down to 1/100, and readjusted the proportions. It’s very aesthetically pleasing!

Point of interest #4: The decals are very one-sided… Asymmetry is a strong statement and I’m liking the overall result!

Point of interest #5: This figure has only been announced around the end of October but we’ve already seen images of everything we need to see- actual production model, all the accessories, price, release date, promo photos, computer designs of it… just about everything except photos demonstrating its articulation and actual written info on its material specs.

Man… it just looks gorgeous!

Thoughts #1: I wonder… since we are getting this, does that mean we won’t be getting an MG 00 for a bit longer?

Thoughts #2: So it is called “Metal Build”… so how much metal (die cast?) is actually used? What’s the difference between this and the GFF Metal Composite line-up?

Thoughts #3: How does its articulation compares to its HG 1/144 counterpart? The above photo isn’t exactly promising… ^^; We can wait and see…

Thoughts #4: Since everything is all set for production and all, why the wait until March? o_O

Thoughts #5: Hmm… This thing will cost a little north of $140 after shipping for those who lives in the US… should I give in and pick this up? It really feels like Bandai went with the Seven Sword just for me… xD (Not to mention that I was reviewing the 00 Seven Sword/G when this was announced!)

Your thoughts and comments on this thing?

All images jacked from Gundam Guy.


34 thoughts on “Metal Build 1/100 00 Seven Sword

  1. I’ve never been a fan of the Gundam 00, usually prefering the design and look of the Exia…. until this thing appeared.

    There is something so different and cool about the proportions and the design that makes this 00 stand out. Love the look of the stripes!

    I might do what I’ve never thought it would be possible, and get this Gundam.

  2. oh and i think the reason we have to wait until march is the same reason we only got one lord of the rings movie a year even tho they were all done b4 the first one was out. to build hype

    1. bandai will put out little bits of info on it every month to keep us interested then like a few weeks b4 will put out the rest of the info

  3. i just have the feeling that this figure will have just the poseability of a GFF Metal Composite as no dynamic action poses is spotted so far. but its still looks great!

  4. unfortunately ….. for those who just buy MG 00 raiser (like me T_T) … bandai WILL RELEASE MG 00 SEVEN SWORD in september … cost 5500 yen … argh …

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