Kamen Rider W

Thanks to a few of you, I got bit by the Rider bug and went on a KR frenzy. Kamen Rider W was the first series I started on but the last to finish since I was waiting for it to end its run and I went on to watch other series instead (Kuuga, Agito, 555, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, and Decade). Now, time to count up my thoughts!

W is a “Hard-boiled” mystery-themed comedy-drama tokusatsu infomercial that centers around a detective agency team  and a cop who cosplays as Kyosuke Nanbu who spend their days stopping “criminals” who are too addicted to the their techno-crack that comes in the form of a USB flashdrive called GaiaMemory . Each story arc always take only two episodes to finish while the main plotline slowly develops all the way to the end. Compared to series such as Kuuga, Agito or Faiz, violence in W is almost nonexistent; no one really gets killed here… sure, they disappear, dissipate, gets send off to the another dimension, gets their face censored(…) and all but no one is actually murdered in cold blood like you see in the aforementioned series. That’s all good though since I like the story just the way it is.

On the lighthearted side of the series, W is full of slapstick comedy, antics, and other sorts of humor.

Even if you don’t watch it as a KR series, there is plenty of other entertaining values going on for this show ^^

On the serious side of W, there is A LOT of revenge, rage, anger, hate, ambitions and all that fun stuff. One thing I really love about W is how every character has their own thing they want to achieve, and eventually go through development one way or another. The baddies aren’t just bad for the sake of it (heck, they’re not really doing anything “evil” neither…) nor do they want to take over the world (in an “evil” sense).. and each of the sonozaki members have their own ambition and desires so everything was pretty interesting to say the least.

The W motif is strong in W! Even the henshin pose makes a W!

There is only one thing I do not like about the series- Overuse of special effects for the Rider Kick (all of them!). The impact of the Kick is lost in the not-so-great computer graphics (a bunch of colorful swirls). Where’s the actual KICK?!

What W lacks in pure violence, it more than makes up in its themes of partnership, togetherness, family bonding, friendship, brotherhood, and being hardboiled. This is a series you show to little boys so they can grow up to be better men xD. I don’t think I’ve seen this much “the two of us are one!”-ness since Gurren Lagann! Many of the “bros before ho’s and everything else!” were really touching!^^;

First, real men ride each other (Zengar and Ratsel) and now real men also ride together.

Yea… I know I’m pretty late in finishing this series so everything I’m talking about is probably a bit old by now ^^;. Still wanna share my thoughts anyhow! Since this series pulled me into the KR world, I can say it should be a great starting series for anyone else who wants to risk getting bitten by the KR bug as well :D.


34 thoughts on “Kamen Rider W

  1. NO ONE GETS KILLED? Well the nascar dophant(forgot his name) was killed by his own wife. IMO W was one of the best KR serie out there. I was crying when I watch the ending(episode 48). This was the first time that a KR serie has so much impact on my emotions. Hoop OOO can have the same impact.

    1. Hey hey Agito is amazing too! That bitter sweet ending where Ryou takes a pup with him was just as good as Zengar and Elzam

    2. My heart was Broken when Kirihiko bit the dust (or turned into dust…). Yea… people get “killed” in W but no one really gets KILLED, ya know what I mean? xD

  2. iv only seen 3 KR series KR Dragon Knight the US version from{KR Ryuki}, KR decade, KR W,

    i watch 1 episode of KR 000 i dint like it for some reason i might try watching when the series is almost done .

    of the 3 iv seen KR W my fav

    decade was ok but i thot decade look kinda gay in his sec form rider or what ever it called. his original form look gay just not as gay. LOL if that make since adding pink to anything looks gay to me unless your a female. my be if it was she not a he it wouldn’t have bother me to much LOL

    and i dont consider the color on Char Zake IIs pink, i consider it a reddish color, or Athren suit from Seed.

    1. There is nothing wrong with pink. Just because somebody wears pink you label them as gay? I could say people who think pink is gay is gay? So are you gay?

    2. after reading what you said, I think you are the gayST person alive. btw do you fall in lo e with a homo? all I hear you said is gay, you gay f….

  3. W’s uniqueness (they need 2 people to perform henshin) and the theme of friendship is one of the main reason I watch this series, I like this series a lot compared to the others and the current one, OOO. Kamiki Aya is hot btw, I like her in that MV

  4. I really liked this show and I doubt any other of the Rider shows can surpass it in my opinion even though this was also my first KR series.
    The whole “bros before ho’s!” thing was what I liked the most about this one.

    1. Compared to the other series, yea… I think W stays at the top ^^. One other thing it has going for it is that I think it has THE BEST and most consistent pacing out of all the series.

  5. kamen rider w is okay. the costume design is great in particular… doesn’t really like the “two in one” concept though

    i have to agree with you, the overuse of bad CGI in the first chapter of the series is annoying.

    anyway, enjoy the kamen rider bite bug ^^; i have a large amount of kamen rider toxin in my blood :p

    should’ve rename my blog from http://www.gundammodelkits.com to kamenriderfigures.com if this goes on :p

  6. the only rider kick that has the least CGI is from Kamen Rider Joker in the last episode in my opinion. and he is back to the most basic of riders with a maximum drive of “Rider Punch” and “Rider Kick”

  7. W-B-X has been stuck in my head for the longest time. While W is not my favorite Kamen Rider series (it’s close to it, though), it’s theme is my favorite HANDS DOWN.

    I just wish the MG kit was as good as the action figures, dammit. I really dislike the proportions on it.

    1. I think the thighs and body look too bulky on the MG ^^;

      WBX is catchy but I think my all-time favorite is “Stay the Ride Alive” :D

  8. well the final arc should have end at eps 48. when i saw 49 i was like… yoooooooooo…. what the?

    while the design is quite lovable, the half as..boiled story is quite enjoyable.

    adn, when i just thought what more riddiculous than two in one motif? -and wola! bandai did it! THREE IN ONE! (OOO)

    1. Yea.. the last odd episode threw the whole “two episodes per arc” consistency off but it was a pretty touching moment. W would’ve left me depressed if it had just ended at 48 ^^;. Which it could’ve perfectly fine…

  9. Definitely one of the best Heisei KR series ever made. I did my best not to every episode. And yeah. I do hope that OOO will be able to bring the same impact.

    I’m probably sound like a gay person for saying this, but I actually LOVE the part when Shotaro riding on the back of Phillip in the episode where they’re fighting the Beast Dopant and gain the Xtreme form. It may have something to do with Skull singing on the background. XD

    1. Nothing gay for liking that; I really liked it myself as it is one of the more touching moments in the series. It really depicts their friendship and brotherly love!

      Oh yea, the song helped the manliness a lot ^^

  10. u havent watch KR Blade? ouh man, u r missing on one of the best Finale in a Kamen Rider Series.
    go quickly, watch it now. haha.

    and if u wanna try mid 90’s series, give KR ZO a try.

    if u just wanna go old skool, go straight to KR Black.
    the most manliness henshin scene in the 1st ep. :)

    i can give u the download link if u want. haha. just pm me.

    1. I am STILL having a hard time getting over Blade’s design. That’s the only thing stopping me from watching it >_>. I don’t “hate” it… it’s just not appealing hence I’m not motivated to watch it ^^;.

      Black, on the other hand, I will watch…

      1. eeeh? FYI, the desaigner of Blade is the same with GReeed forom OOO,…. and by the way, im certainly gonna get SIC KT Blade, Jack Form, and King Form.

        1. I think it’s more like I don’t like the shape of Blade’s head that is giving me a hard time ^^;. King Form looks amazing though and I do plan on getting that SIC as well!

          1. ouh, i know2. i was like u also before.
            i hated hibiki design until i feel bored watching it.
            bt then, i realised that u have to watch it for the storyline not for the Rider design~ =)

  11. I remember how in decade’s all riders movie w showed up and beat the crap outta moon shadow after an awkward moment of confusion trying to figure out what color is w exactly ^^

  12. Any discussion of Kamen Rider W is incomplete if it doesn’t mention Skull and Nobody’s Perfect.

    Nobody’s Perfect has got to be one of the manliest MVs ever.

  13. W is very nice, IMO the story is quite boring at first but turn out to be interesting from half to the end. And the main rider design is a modernized old rider, I like!

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