Linking to Your Gunpla Reviews

Don’t mind the photos… I just don’t know what to use for this subject ^^;. Do you review Gundam models on your blog? Are you on my blogroll? How about maybe a little more traffic to you? If you answered “yes” to any one of the aforementioned then I have a little something for you.


From now on till whenever this blog dies, I’ll be periodically updating my reviews with links to your reviews (after the “VERDICT” section) of the same model (i.e a link to your MG Sword Impulse in my MG Sword Impulse review). This applies to ALL MY REVIEWS- current and future. The linking will be an ongoing process (whenever I go blog-hopping) and I’ll leave you a little note on your blog if I am going to link to your review in mine so you’ll know as well. I’ll grab any reviews from your blog that I like when I come across it; I don’t care if the model is painted/modded or straight build, as long as it is a “review” in the common meaning that we all know. You don’t have to reply or do anything  but if for whatever reason you don’t want me to link to your page, then just let me know and I’ll take it down ^^;. .  You do not have to do anything for me in return to get your links posted in my reviews.


In a nutshell, I hope this will help further connect fellow gunpla/Gundam bloggers together better than a blogroll/banner exchange can. Even if just by a bit. Isn’t it great to be able to share your passion and hobby with others? :D

For the readers, this means one can jump to different perspectives on the same Gundam model all in one spot without the need to hop to another blog’s main page, look for the review (if available), and read. This might save only a click or two but I think it is more convenient at least . At the very least, you’ll know for sure who else have reviewed it. This should also help in making comparisons of opinions faster when one is debating on whether to pick up a particular model or not. Also, some newer readers might discover other blogs that they’ve never ventured into before. Simply said, this move should allow one to see more easier.

For the bloggers, hopefully this might help direct a bit of traffic to their sites. There are many out there who build awesome-looking models and write very informative reviews so I think they definitely deserves to be checked out! While this blog is not particularly big by any stretch of the imagination, I’ll still do what I can to spread the words ^^;.


My blogroll needs updating… many inactive blogs and dead links here and there. So as I am hopping around, I’ll also be removing the links to blogs that haven’t been updated in the last four months (with exceptions) or blogs that are completely void of any readable contents (nothing to see… at all). No hard feelings. If I removed yours, you can simply request for me to add you back in (if you’ve resume updating). Not too evil of me right?

If you want me to do a link exchange, then just drop me a line. If you want to include a banner  for your link (size 215×28 exactly), then just gimme a link to it as well ^^.

Lastly, please do not send me request to put your links in the reviews; I’m sure I’ll come across yours eventually. I’ll begin my review hunting starting this weekend (I already know who to jump to for reviews… heh) or sooner if I have time.


106 thoughts on “Linking to Your Gunpla Reviews

  1. *comes back home from Singapore and opens Z’s blog*
    Wah, nice idea! Gonna link me? XD

    Phew, feel quite tired now and I still have lots of things to do! ^^;

  2. Hey Z you are really a genius to have such a great idea!! Thanks for showing and teaching me so much about gunpla! Please don’t stress yourself on this huge ‘project’ and can you please teach me how to, with a normal GM 1 or 2, get really fine panel linings? and i am also interested in this. just click on my name ;D

    1. hm… strange… maybe I’ve removed you by accident? cuz I remember hopping to yours from time to time x_x. Well, add you back when I get home later.

  3. Nice idea. I would love to see other people’s reviews after reading yours.

    Though my blog is more on figures instead of Gunpla, can you add me to your blogroll? ^ ^;

  4. Hi My friend! I am always cheking you great blog and all the usefull info you have here.

    I dont have a lottttttt of gundam models like you, but I could achieve some very nice models, and definetly I will get more on 2011.

    Please check my blog and let me know if the reviews are cool!!, they are in spanish but I put a lot of photos :D

    1. I browsed through your site awhile back… but since my spanish is piss-poor, i had a hard time finding your reviews ^^; Some guidance would be nice…

  5. I’m not confident with my blog since I don’t have a decent camera. As the result, my blog is full of blurry and grainy photos from cellphone camera. Always wanting to buy a good camera but I always end up using the money for gunpla and figures – usual stuff. I’d be glad if you consider my blog (link on my name).
    I’m currently working on MG OO Qan[T] now :).

  6. thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll, but if you find the time, can you change the name “gunpla concepts” to “GundamXclusive”? because the link actually directs to my blog

    Thanks :D

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