Gunpla and Photography REBOOT!

Seeing how my last “Gunpla and Photography” post was like 9 months ago even though I’ve been meaning to continue it every now and then, I’m restarting the series to try to organize it a bit better this time around. Went to check out the old post to remind myself what I wrote and realized it was tl;dr so I’m also gonna cut down on the text while still getting my main points out. This will also help me refresh my thoughts as I update the whole post in general. Another reason for this reboot is because Gaijin Gunpla recently asked me to write about it on so I thought “hey, why not? sounds cool” and here it is- Gunpla and Photography: Backdrop and Lighting, the first part of a series of posts detailing how I photo shoots my Gundam models. I apologize to those who may have already read the contents the first time around but I promise there will be new stuff I haven’t covered yet ^^;.

This time I’ll make sure to update on a more timely manner; I am working on the next post (Posing) and it should be up in about a week from now. Then another one after that in a week and so on until I’m finished with this series. If you like to photo shoot your Gundam models like I do, then I hope you can get something out of this series of articles that might be helpful to you. I’m no pro photographer though ^^;. It would be awesome if I can learn something from you as well!


32 thoughts on “Gunpla and Photography REBOOT!

    1. It shouldn’t be too long since there is only oh so much to talk about in articulation… it’s how I should go about talking about it that I need to plan out.

  1. hope to see the continuation of ur “tutorials” soon z! haha
    btw, do u actually thrown any of ur boxes away?
    i dont, and spaces are getting smaller for me store them. LOL

    1. I’ve only thrown one away… and that was the box for my Gold Frame because I think I found a spider egg inside (a jelly bean-sized/shaped web thingy stuck on the side of the box).

      1. The boxes are in a corner that I won’t be able to use for anything anyway (not even practical for a case) so might as well just keep them there. ^^

  2. you are soooo cool. writing for and all.
    and very smart tips on the first post too. cant wait for the posing tips!

      1. eh you’ve learned alot. you’ve done things i didnt think of. any skill is about trial and error. you cant be good without constantly learning new things ^.^
        A wise man once told me “a master of his craft forfeits his title as soon as he stop learning”

  3. Not long after sort-of confusing one of your previous entries for something like this, I get, well, this. I love the choice of photos for your first post, and you’ve simply and nicely detailed your backdrop set-up. Although I’m not one to constantly take photos and have 90% of my DA account be 200 photos of Gunpla (or something like that), when I was pondering whether to be that or not in my “hiatus” of Gunpla building, I had a similar backdrop set-up, especially as of a couple of months ago.
    My current situation has me “resetting” my backdrop with what I had, and I guess it can barely work for when I start on the Kapool (I already had the pre-built inventory photographed). And it seems in both situations, the position of the sun and my room are completely incompatible for the kinds of ideal photo you seem to achieve.
    Still, without sunlight, you seem to work out having good photos, and I need to work out something similar if I should get back to photo-taking and building/reviewing Gunpla. I need to just figure out how to work out something similar with what I have.

    By the way, I have a question more related to a previous entry than yours. I thought before that if a model has been reviewed pretty well before (such as HGUCs by Dalong, or GFFs by you; one of which I have), I wouldn’t bother being so detail. You think I should make an exception for my GFF Wing and see if I can, well, “wing” my take on the figure? *shrug* I’m not sure about the HGUC Gunpla (nor my RD TAG), since they’ve been done to death and I didn’t bother having a detailed review on those (except maybe for the RD). *shrug*

    1. sunlight is practically nonexistent here from this season until about maybe april so I make do with my lamp being as close to the subject as possible. Um… how about your camera? Tweak its settings for low light shots maybe? Or at the very least… switch your light bulb ^^. I thought your previous setup was nice so I didn’t see the need to change… unless your new one is betteR? Oh yea… a higher platform helps a bit as well. From your last wing photo, it looks a bit low or you were standing when you took it.

      As for your last question, it never hurts to have too many reviews out there. The more there are, the easier it is for others to find reviews of such. Many still doesn’t know this place exists but they might run into your review when they search. Or if this place goes down… there are other reviews floating around. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to wing your take on it. Go for it!

      1. Well, first off, I’ll first have to scrutinize my entire room for a missing trigger finger; Although I’ve seen images of it being able to move or come off, I forgot about it, and when I was removing the buster rifle from the hand, it disappeared and I didn’t notice until I was switching other items around. Meanwhile, I found a couple of other things I lost, and I think I have all the tools with me to give the Kapool some basic details. I’d rather not my Kapool look like the finish product seen at Hobby No Toriko.

        Regarding my current backdrop: I mixed some words around in my last post. I meant to say my current one is all I have; a white poster board, a white cardboard for arts and crafts projects (I think it was advertised as that), and a standard lamp you would normally find on the side of a bed to turn on and check your buzzing cell phone or something. Not the tall adjustable lamp I left, not the series of black poster boards I bought… And I’m using what I used as a platform before for putting my stuff on before I call it a night.
        My current set-up for a backdrop (or little work area) I can fold away, but when deployed, is usually on the floor (my lamp having it’s cover removed for full lighting when I set it next to the area).

        Maybe when circumstances are “finalized” for me later on, I can return to my old set-up. *shrug*

      2. (I won’t attach this addition to the below reply; that just squishes things in the comment area.)

        Before I forget, the camera I’m working with is the “Kodak Easyshare Z712 IS”. I worry more about the battery power than tweaking settings (I can’t find the exact type of battery it came with).

  4. im glad you did this because your photos are amazing. but i think that might be largely because of your topcoating skill and the quality of your equipment. dont think we all can do it like you can!

    1. Topcoating can be considered a skill? I just think of it as a cheap way out of painting xD.

      I think with the proper lighting, anyone can take amazing photos! With a camera phone (actually… I think I’m gonna test that out…)

      1. I thought at first my camera phone was great when I finally tried it out, but eventually I realized how sucky it was compared to my camera (even though the batteries for it has brief lifespans). It pulls out decent 1280 x 960 photos when outside, but either it chooses to highlight the sky and darken everything else, or brighten out the sky and check what’s on the ground. Maybe if I had super-good lighting, the camera might do better than super-mediocre (at best) when inside.

  5. I still need to get proper backdrops and lamps. I don’t have any lamps or strong enough lights so I can’t shoot once the sun goes down. ^ ^;

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