GO! Fin Funnel!

Finally got the very last and most repetitive part of the HGUC Nu Gundam done. Just for kicks, I counted the unnecessary: each fin funnel assembly has 28 nubs to clean. 28 x 6 = 168 nubs cleaned. 168 x 2 (from having to cut out the parts) = 336 times my side-cutter snipped plastic… just for the fin funnels! Incredible how many times your tools actually get used during the course of a single project. Anyway, let’s look at some pics…

Double the fin funnels = double the win. Before any of you go “PUT THE OTHER SIX ON THE OTHER SIDE!”, I would like to point out that the “other” six can’t fit onto the backpack >_>. I still have some minor detailing to do and spray it with matte topcoat before I am officially done with this model.

I also fixed the head. Looks better now, no? ^^

Need your feedback now… Getting a bit bored with my “normal” style of lighting so I’ve just started playing around with some new lighting angles to bring in different effects for a new feel that I might start using in my reviews along with the “normal” setup. Just let me know what you think of each one or just one in particular that you like ^^. Starting with the photo above (First Angle)…

Second angle.

Third angle.

Different camera angle of the third lighting angle ^^

Last angle. Personally, this is my favorite new angle. Up front, it is bright and sharp while the back is near pitch black :D. Might like to start using this setup for “normal” shots too!

Same angle. I like the half darkened face… This can make for some “serious” photographs!

Like I said, the back is almost pitch black… I can’t even see the crease of the board where it folds :D. What do you all think?


51 thoughts on “GO! Fin Funnel!

  1. each looks good though, still a newbie on positioning and lighting.. each has their advantages depending on the situation that you imagined

  2. Wow,It loos funny with the HGUC Nu gundam’s body together with the SD Nu Gundam’s Head but it does look kinda cool,keep it up

  3. Z can you please please tell me how did you change the background of your theme white? please!! thanks and i have recently created this wordpress blog and completed a Astray Red Frame Kai. I will be posting in a few days can you please comment on it. Negatively too so that i could improve =D

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