Gunpla and Photography 2- Posing

Better late than never I supposed. I’ve finally finished the second installment of my “Gunpla and Photography” reboot. You can check out the article over at Took new photos just for the article and trying to word what I was doing was tougher than I had originally thought ^^;. If there is anything unclear or if you have questions, please post on that article so I can look back on what I typed and explain.

I still have to disappear for just a bit longer; so like… my professors all have the exact same thoughts on their mind- “oh I’ll give you a take-home final so you can study for your other classes during finals week because I know some of you are overwhelmed :)”… and with that, I will be writing papers for the rest of the week. This is a case of when good intentions gone bad.  So yea… the last thing I have time for is blogging (which is more writing).

As for the 1/144 Nu Gundam… the weather has been especially cold since the last time I posted (rainy, icy, below 50* F) so topcoating is impossible… well, I can but I don’t want to risk frosting on the parts since it will be a PITA to clean and a waste to redo the topcoat.

Well, ’tis the season of giving so I got some things planned for December… stay tuned!


24 thoughts on “Gunpla and Photography 2- Posing

  1. Haha, I’m also sort-of overwhelmed by assignments and homework lately (plus finals next week) but probably much less than yours. Good to see you can still squeeze some time for your blog.

    Anyways, good article. Nice rewrite of the previous post. It feels more organized and actually still easy to understand IMHO.

  2. Hey Z!! thanks for always giving back to us with your blog, since it is the season for giving, can i do a collab with you?? do you have a email and logo??

  3. Not that I don’t have other things to read or do, but this would be some nice reading for me when I get back home, and to practice when I start snapping photos again.

  4. a question Z, umm, since you are also using a canon dslr, are you using manual mode? and may I know what are your settings, like the ISO, shutter speed and aperture, cause I’m having a hard time in manual mode.. thanks

  5. yes, I shoot with the manual setting. It won’t help to tell you my settings though since you do not have the exact same lighting setup as I do. What you could do is shoot in Program mode and monitor the settings the camera set for you and then tweak it to your liking.

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