‘Tis the Season of Giving… Gunpla

ATTENTION! UPDATED RULES! Those who already submitted answers before the update can submit again! Sorry ^^;

Guess what? It’s that time again. Yes… it’s the holiday season and all that stuff. And it is also a time of giving. So that means… TIME FOR ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!

All of you (be you a regular or lurker) have been very patient and supportive toward me this whole year and help kept this place running even during my downtime (if stats are of any indication, it seems like most of you check back here everyday regardless of new posts or not). The feedback you provided continually encouraged me to keep doing what I’ve been doing as well as helping me make improvements here and there. So I want to thank you all for that with a free Gunpla. Anyway, let’s get to the heart of this post!


I won’t have the time to run another photography contest so I’ll make it easy this time around. Just answer a few questions and whoever has the closest answer, wins! Simple enough right?


1. Send me an email with your answers to gunpla(dot)inochi(at)gmail(dot)com. You do NOT need to answer all the questions correctly to win. Anybody can join.

2. Last day to submit an answer is 12/20/10. Winner to be announced whenever I get through all the answers.

3. Sit back and wait

4. Questions? Ask here.


1. Which month do you think has the most traffic on this blog this year? HINT: One a week

2. Guess the traffic/stat count (blog hits) for said busiest month. Hint: 2 millionth mark reached at the end of August; look at the hits now. Use that to guess. Your answer is considered correct if it is within +/-10,000 of the real number (example: if answer is 100,000 then your answer must be between 90,000-110,000).

3. Which Gunpla review here has the most hits on the first day of being posted? (You don’t have to guess the hits, just the model)

HINT: The first three questions are all related

4. What is my all-time favorite Gunpla pose? HINT: You see it in just about every review

5. Tell me what I should improve on. Anything. Whatever comes to your mind.

6. The hardest question of all… What’s my preference? Guns or Swords?!

Easy enough right?


You can earn up to six points total. You do not have to answer every question; just choose what you want to answer. Now here’s the risky part- I’ll dock a point for every wrong answer you provide. So if you answered 3 correctly and 3 wrong then your net points would be 0! This should make things more exciting and deter “random guesses” :D. So will you only go for what you know or do you dare to jump pass everyone else for the ultimate goal? Choose wisely!


For the top prize (see prize below), you must fulfill the following:

– Net total of 6 points; meaning you got every question right.

– Question 2 is within +/- 5000 of the actual number as opposed to +/- 10,000.


The winner gets any Gunpla of their choice worth 2010 yen or less. HOWEVER, if you managed to get ALL the questions right (see criteria above), you can pick any Gunpla worth up to 4020 yen. I don’t care if it is a pre-order or whatnot. As usual, shipping and stuff is on me no matter where you live. The only catch is that I won’t be able to get it to you in time for the holiday since I won’t be ordering any new Gunpla until some time in January or February ^^;.

I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it as many times as I have to- Thank you everyone for keeping this place going! Good luck to you on this contest :)


84 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season of Giving… Gunpla

  1. I submitted my answers, a few days back too. I can’t wait until the announcement for the grand prize winner. Best of luck for all of us contestants.

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