Something from My Manager

I think most of you know that I have a real otaku for a manager at work, but if you don’t then you can read up about her here. Anyway, got a piece of her art that she drew a decade ago that I would like to share with you (with her permission). Enjoy!

Heh… I certainly got a kick out of it when I first read it xD.


13 thoughts on “Something from My Manager

    1. You would think so… but you would also think Vegeta would’ve learned a lot of other lessons from getting his arse kicked by now…

  1. Haha I’m no serious otaku…
    I’ve always WANTED some anime goodies.
    But alas :< No money.

    But hey, Zhi, did you check out the new Gundam Deathscythe on GG?
    It's wings.
    They expand.

  2. LOL
    They should make another one with Vegeta say : “I already get bored with your body Bulma,that stupid trick won’t work on me”
    hahahahaha Just kidding :P

    but that trick reminds me with Battle Royale manga >w<

  3. Interesting story, had me hanging on till the 2nd to the last page. when I read the rules I knew it was something along the lines of “nosebleed”. But it was still fun to see Vegeta’s startled reaction (and that torrent of blood from his nose) to Bulma’s “FINAL FLASH” :P Just goes to prove that women will always outwit men XD

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