Gunpla Chat Time

It’s been awhile since I talked about any Gunpla news and I certainly have a lot of thoughts piled up. Before we go into anything though, I would first like to congratulate Gundam Guy on the grand opening of his online store, GG Infinite. Those of us living in the North America region can now celebrate because there is now one more store to go to for our Gundam models (and replacement parts!). I’ll probably switch over to ordering from him as my main source from now on because I’m getting tired of the rising yen/decreasing dollar value (I’m already compiling a to-get list… which will include the contest winner’s gunpla of choice). GG’s prices are actually decent (comparable to the other US stores like HobbyWave and GSaM) even if it does seem high compared to the sale price from the Japanese stores because after you factor in shipping (to the US), the savings will be negated and you will pretty much end up paying more/less the same. Even if I do end up paying a little extra to GG (who also takes the time to provide you your daily Gunpla news), I’ll be more than happy to because the value of supporting local community and your fellow comrade far outweighs the value of saving a few dollars… so support your fellow comrades! ^^

Now on to the Gunpla news itself… The BEARGGUY… is just simply adorable! Though  I don’t know if actually looking like a bear makes it more charming than the original ^^;.

Hmm… If you show a girl a beargguy and an acguy, which one do you think she will like better?

While we’re still on the subject of Gunpla Builders’ Beginning G (or whatever the name of the OVA is), I think I might pick up Beginning’s “upgrade”(?) form since the design reminds me a bit of the V2AB Gundam. I still dislike the Beginning Gundam in its plain form though, but not because it is plain… I just think it is ugly. This is intriguing though…

The HG 1/144 X-Divider looks great and I would love to get my hands on that Beam Harmonica but the only thing holding me back is the fear of Bandai pulling a MG Gundam X on us some time soon (within a year)…

I’m not really a Zaku person but I was amazed at the runners of this thing after Syd showed it off during Gunpla TV 21. All those individual tube rings will surely induce carpal tunnel syndrome. I’m a bit on the side of this model since I want to pick up the RG Gundam first… but I’m also scared of building that because everyone has commented on its fragility!

I never had an actual interest in the MG Qan[T] aside from the fact that it gets a MG before the 00 Raiser. Despite it being a sword Gundam, Quan[T] never really appealed to me because its swords doesn’t really look like swords… more like blades. dinky blades. That forms into a giant leaf like cannon… but still, it is not the type of sword I love >_>. Well… It doesn’t hurt to pick up the SD just for fun ^^. GET~!

Ah yes… I can’t forget to mention this guy since it is no doubt the biggest release of the year (both literally and metaphorically). Am I the only one who lost complete interest for this model when the finished product/prototype came out? Before I go on, please DO NOT confuse “I lost complete interest” with the sentence “I HATE THIS MODEL” as being synonymous; I don’t hate this model… but I seriously don’t care for it anymore. Lost all feelings toward it… even though I was ready to buy it. Why?

– It looks like a 1/60 scale of the MG model; unless you know where to look, it is a bit hard to tell the two apart. I supposed it is hard to improve on the MG design since it was so well done…

– $300+ dollars and we still get half-assed gold-plated runners?

– It seems the half-assed treatment is more noticeable on the PG than the MG… as in, there are more extra finish parts for the MG than the PG.

– If they’re going to half-ass like this, I’d rather they just give it to us completely in crap-gold to save ourselves some money to buy the paint to spray the gold parts for a more uniform look than the MG SF Full Burst + gold paint.

The newly-designed dragoon arms look great… but not in crap-gold. That looks pretty bad. Let’s go back to PG SF’s prototype post:

Extra finish enhancement for the golden interior that will be exposed in High Maneuver mode and Full Burst mode. Gimmicks are incorporated for the exposure of the parts. WHERE?!

* Movable joints combine with expandable golden parts
* Further improvement of the slide mechanism of the interior and exterior parts as compared to PG Strike Gundam, which will effectively expose the golden finish parts.

Alright I’ll be fair… maybe the actual information of the “extra finish” parts got lost in translation somewhere and some of us mistook it as “any parts that will be exposed will be gold plated”. It probably wasn’t realistic to expect the entire inner frame to be gold-plated, but what about all those EXPOSED frame parts? I thought at least they would get the extra finish treatment… ya know, for the PERFECT look? That’s the idea I had when I read the news. Or maybe the non-plated exposed parts have to be that way for practicality reasons that I don’t understand since I don’t design models? Who knows? So maybe I read too much into the info and had my hopes too highwhatever. Don’t care anymore. Despite this one off-putting aspect, it’ll probably excel in other categories such as articulation and gimmicks so I’m sure others will definitely enjoy building and having this thing on display ^^.

Now for the model that really gets me pumping! Holding off on the MG Deathscythe has finally paid off! MG Deathscythe HELL Kai = INSTANT GET! right-click>pre-order! The wings look sharp and gorgeous now! if the Joker ever decides to get his hands on the Jester Gundam, then Batman will be ready…

You know… at first glance, I almost couldn’t tell the difference between it and its HG 1/100 counterpart (especially the wings) but the subtle design changes are ever so slightly there. I’m not really feeling the tone of the gray on its body and I’ll be expecting the same flaws from the MG Deathscythe to carry over (hands) so I think I have some plans of my own for when I get my hands on this Gundam…

Oh I can’t wait to wield that scythe!

Anything that tickles your fancy between now and then?

All images are taken from Gundam Guy.


63 thoughts on “Gunpla Chat Time

  1. Well GG’s price is still pretty reasonable(except the special edition kit for now) and i find that the Full Metal Panic kits is a real good deal. But it will take time for him to expand the selection

    Compared to my local hobby store which has pretty expensive price for the gunplas

  2. Good on you Gundam Guy. It is always great when someone passionate and knowledgable about gunpla is on the selling end. All the best mate.

    I’m liking the Beargguy, more for the kids than me. The 1/48 MSM Zaku II is nicely detailed. I’m not much of a Zaku guy either but this one piques my ineterest.

    I was quite the opposite on the PG SF. Didn’t care for it much then, slightly more interested now.

    Agreed on the X Divider looking awesome. For the sake of $20 I might pick it up, and if they release an MG I’ll get that too. I also like the looks of the GPB Beginning new version better than the original which I too found rather unpleasant. Not really all that interested in the MG DHC personally but the wings add a lot to what I thought was a very bland and sterile looking kit.

    1. I confused the 1/48 Zaku II photo (didn’t look carefully) for the RG 1/144 Zaku II… big size difference there but at least both are just as detailed xD

      Oh? What made you more interested in the PG SF now than before?

      I Agreed with you about DS looking bland… could use a few panel lines here and there.

      1. I have a MG Deathscythe and an a MG Wing and yeah the Deathscythe has way fewer panellines. Which is odds since MG wing had the right amount (I’m excluding Zaku and Gundam 2.0 since they were going for a clean look)

  3. What i’m waiting for…
    Bandaaaai!!! Come on, make the MG kit of Geara Zulu!!!
    That guy, really looks like a real warfare combat machine

  4. On Dalong he posted pics and a couple things first, are those clear parts supposed to be clear?
    2. what is up with those stickers. They look cool

  5. …First and foremost, it wasn’t my fault that I dropped off the face of the earth without warning. It was the fault of my computer. Seriously! But I’m back.

    Still working on 1/144 Gunpla, and I’m considering going through older images and maybe updating my DA before continuing. That, and continuing the search on a couple of certain small parts (one GFF-related; yes, I still have yet to find that). Oh, and thanks for the warning on a possible flaw of my MG Deathscythe… I’m sure once I finish it, the flaws (be it hands or skirt armor or whatever) won’t be as annoying as the flaws of my MSiA Deathscythe Hell (EW).

    And that MG DSH is beautiful. Yeah, a natural given how it’s based off of MG DS, but it still is. If and when I get it, it will be pouncing on my broken Gunpla scum in no time, and show my 1/144 Kapool it’s true scale (I’m half-baffled if it’s official stats gave the true height; I swear the RD version shows just how non-scale the RD series is).

    A couple of nights ago, I found by accident an image I saved in ’09 of a few kitbashed Acguys (MG/HG, I don’t know) with bear heads. I guess girls would find it cuter than a weird head, but either are cute, I guess. *shrug* Maybe get a 1/144 or RD Kapool and 1/144 Ball (and customize it) to complete the cuteness factor and see then if it attracts any attention.

    If you plan on getting any RGs, I might wait on getting any until you review them. Despite my hesitance on the poll because of my actions (choosing in spite of your advice; “The WGs and TAG? Well, Siroh, get the TAG first; it’s easiest.” “Okay, Z.” “By the way, the MG DS isn’t anything exciting, even if it’s sleek and Katoki-designed.” *Well… I guess I’ll be getting the MG DS, then!*), I still find your reviews and advice pretty reliable.

    And when I’m finished catching up here and at SRW and at GG’s Gunpla news blog, I guess I’ll look at his new store that finally opened up. I hope he decides (or has decided) on maybe getting a few of the old Gunpla; I’d like to find one or two 1/144 TAGs one day to replace the horrible mess that is mine, and maybe give it my HG RX-78 (G30th)’s Gundam hammer, to boot! It’ll probably weigh less than my RDs and MSiA on my Christmas tree, should I go that route.

    Still catching up, Z!

    1. Almost done catching up. I have Dalong to check, your articles on Gunpla/Photography, GG Inf. Store, and so on.

      I think my forced hiatus is a blessing disguise… I think because of it, or GG Inf., or something else, I see GSaM finally updated with their products! And the Gunpla seem to be a little expensive (at least the MGs are), and HG Qan[T] sold out (shouldn’t be a surprise). Also no surprise is that I still have to look elsewhere for TAG-lineup models and figures. Oh, well. *shrug* I don’t know if I’ll be soon patronizing GG Inf. more over GSaM now (even if it didn’t update, it still had pretty old/vintage models that seem appealing), but I’ll have my eyes on both a little more, for now.

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