What a Mess…

So my desk used to look like this. Now it looks like this…

OMGWTH Happened?! There’s also extra crap to both the left and right also, filled with more or less the same stuff you see here ^^;.

Was gonna turn the above into an “extra credit” question but decided not to since it would cause a HUGE mess for myself trying to keep track who did what. If you want to try it for the heck of it- Spot all the Kamen Riders in this photo excluding the boxes.

I just noticed the end date for the contest is quite some ways away and submission has slowed to a crawl (1-2 a day now instead of ~10) so how about I end it sooner (original deadline is 12/20)?Thoughts? Who still haven’t submitted yet?

Now that I am officially on winter break, I should have a bit of free time to do some Gunpla work despite working 40 hours a week… we’ll see what happens. Can’t make any promises though ^^;.


54 thoughts on “What a Mess…

  1. haha, my desk looks like ur former desk…what happened though?! This makes me wonder where you do any homework or write papers…although I imagine it’s all done on ur computer.

    I usually try to keep my desk clear for WISPs and homework…lets see…moniter in the middle, two speakers on each side, a Samus statue to the left, printer, light, and a few other random stuff on the right…I usually disply any recent model on top my printer, but it enters the sancuary of my glass tower pretty soon…

    Postpone the contest until a little bit longer! I think the 20th is a fair date, since some of us haven’t even begun our winter break yet…and that researching takes time…but heck, the final date is up to you. Just make sure to keep US informed! ^^;

    1. I can use the other side of the desk where the background for my photo goes when I need to do written homework. But yea… for the most part, it is done on my comp.

      Fair enough… I’ll keep it until the 20th then.

  2. Messy but cozy, I mean, looks warm and home-like—i mean it is home— when you look at it don’t you Z? All your memories of the reviews and builds of those kits and figures. And btw we have the same mouse ^^

    1. Agreed, there’s more ‘love’ in the second pic :3
      not to mention the ‘existence’ in the scene, looks like you’ve really spent some good time there
      You left quite a pile of life-forces^^

      And get well soon, Z!

  3. Kuuga ultimate (dark eyes version)
    W CycloneJoker
    W FangJoker
    Agito Ground form (with the molester hands~)
    Finally.. “Ore, Sanjou!”
    SIC Kiwami Tamashi Den-O Sword form

    For fun, because final studying is sad:
    -Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo.

    Btw love your Figuarts reviews, keep them up! Have you watched Kiva yet?

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