Persimmons and Birthday Cake

In Chinese families (or at least all the Chinese families I know of, relatives or not), birthdays are usually (in my case, -always– thanks to my parents) celebrated with a Chinese fruit cake instead of those overly sweet American cakes. The fruit cake consists of 1-3 layers of sponge cake usually with fresh fruits (almost always honey dew, melon, strawberry, mango, kiwi, and pineapple… depending on the season or even just chestnut filling) sandwiched between them. As far as I can tell, the cake is always custom ordered by the family at a Chinese bakery, with choices like canned/fresh fruit, top exterior design, and the writing on the cake. As far as I can remember, I don’t think I ever had the same designed cake twice in my life. The cake is light and the cream is just whipped cream so it is not as sweet or heavy. While it is nice to have “fresh” cake for your birthday, the downside is that it goes stale in a matter of 2-3 days.

Here’s the slice which I am about to chow down. It wasn’t my birthday today but just thought I’d like to share this Chinese tidbit ^^. When it is my birthday, my parents will always order me one of these cakes no matter how many times I told them not to and that it is not necessary. It’s not just my birthday but anyone’s birthday… and we’ll be eating this cake. Probably easy to guess that I’m kinda sick of it by now… ^^;. Do you do something similar like this for your birthday? (be you Chinese or not)

Oh! It’s persimmon season! Chinese people love these things! Funny thing is… even though I’ve been eating these all my life as well, I didn’t find out what they were called in English until like… not too long ago. I also remember a Gundam 4koma where the Frost Bros were scheming to throw persimmons at Garrod and Tifa (Gundam Wing G Unit Vol. 2) xD. I love the taste of this fruit, it has a flavor like no other. However, there was this one time where I almost lost my love for persimmon due to a statement someone made. One of my female friend commented that Persimmons smell like (WARNING: highlight and read at your own discretion!) “men’s sperm” , to which a couple of others agreed. *facepalm* Still, if you haven’t tried this stuff yet then you’re missing out!


42 thoughts on “Persimmons and Birthday Cake

  1. i’ve come out of lurking just for this awsome and baffling post.
    first off, how the heck do persimmons smell like anything that might come(_>

    and what’s up with chinese ppl only having yellow sponge cakes encased in white cream, topped with fruits(and w/e that clear red text might be made of), and embedded with more fruits, cream and gelating for birthdays? why is this so cliche?? XD
    don’t your local chinese bakeries to make black forest and chestnut cake? i thought it was standard for chinese bakeries(at least hk style ones) to have those. mine even has cheesecake, mango cake, tiramisu, and i think there was a coffee cake and some other stuff too =)
    how is it that you people prefer dairy queen cakes?? i’m super sweet toothed, so i like the ice cream, but zomg that layer of slag in the middle…i actually like the cookie stuff the most, but the fudge goop inside O_O it’s so sweet that it burns and so thick that it gags…. how do you ppl?? i don’t even…
    and whats up with the hate on old cake? i eat moth old stuff from the fridge including cake and it always tastes as good as new. if it’s from the fridge and it tastes good then it’s still good =D if it’s not in the fridge but it still looks the same then it’s also still good =D
    the only time i’ve come across food gone bad… i’m sure many people here have tried the vitasoy malt drink. some time last month i was drinking one as usual, then i left it out in the living room overnight. ’twas a cold night too, mind you. the next night i found it and i was like “cool, theres still half of it left, gonna finish this before i sleep.” thus i discovered the world’s most toxic biohazardous highly corrosive material. yes, it was corrosive. as i was sucking the stuff up the straw, i was wondering why it felt so heavy…then i realized my mouth was filled with some horrid thick slimy sludge. it had a hint of malt as usual, some odd saltiness, and was pretty sour. and it also stung a lot. it’s almost like the pain you get from scalding your tongue and attempting to clean your mouth with corrosive detergents toghether at the same time …only it’s far worse. it took a long time to clean out, but the scent and agony kinda stuck for a while T__T
    moral of the story is that the fridge is your best friend and you should not distrust it. =)
    zomg how did this end up as a TL;DR =O

  2. JOKES! They smell NOTHING like jizz! And they are amazing! Have you tried dried persimmons? I usually get the same variety of cakes ALL THE TIME! Lucky you, Zhi. It’s always Black Forest, NY Style Cheesecake, or Fruity Mousse.. But I DO still love them all.

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