MG Destiny Gundam EBM Parts Look-Through

Contemplating whether I should start on this project now, given that I barely even have time to work on SHF reviews despite being on winter break.

The chrome parts… thankfully it is not bling chrome but something more like “frosted” chrome; the parts are not shiny. Those Palma Fiocina hands look kinda huge, don’t they?

mm… beam blades…

Clear parts and clear figures… I’m gonna need to paint those effect parts.

Blue shield is cool…

Ugh… the same “creamy” silver parts that plagued the Infinite Justice… I’m gonna have to paint all the exposed parts with mekki silver like I did with IJ.

Display stand in the form of Destiny’s wings… nice!

O’ beautiful wings of light…

I know I still haven’t review the 1/144 Nu yet so I’ll try to get that done next week when I have an actual day off. I really would like to be able to review this as the last project of the year but we’ll see… For now, I got myself another Figuarts to mess around with ^^;.

Those of you who have already built this model, what are your complaints?


35 thoughts on “MG Destiny Gundam EBM Parts Look-Through

  1. The Wings of Light easily falls off. The small locking piece that attaches to the wings are two small and can split as well.

    Same as the “spread legs” gimmick (sounds ridiculous too), if only they had included a decent lock mechanism or at least a lock piece to put it together. The hip joints are so thin too.

  2. I hated the multiple hands. The socket part jointed finger hand for the right side likes to come disconnected before the socket comes out on mine, so changing hands is annoying. The poseable hands CAN hold the sword because of the pegs, but the dedicated hand holds it better. You may want to put some super glue on the ball socket on that hand, because the sword is pretty heavy after top coat. I couldn’t get my leg spreading mechanism to lock in place either, and the lower body tends to fall off while you have the body supported on a stand by the backpack, but only if you’re playing around with the pose. The wings of light are a pain to get in and stay in, I managed to do it but I don’t dare take them out again, lol. I built this before the strike freedom and infinite justice, and compared to them this model doesn’t feel as solid structurally. Granted, I painted the frames of those 2 and only did the chrome pieces of the destiny. Also, the right elbow of my destiny broke, not sure how but I just noticed it one day.

    If I may make a suggestion, gunmetal might look better than silver for your exposed frame pieces and over the chrome pieces, to offset it from the justice.

  3. *takes down notes*

    So here’s what I got from the comments…

    – Leg spread mechanism sucks.
    – Lower body can actually come off (wtf?)
    – Wings can easily detach
    – Back heavy…
    – only one arondight hand… which is the right.
    – Weapons are heavy

    Damn… that’s more flaws than the MG Strike Freedom/IJ!
    Good to know… so I can “fix” as I go along. Thanks for the heads up, everyone!

    1. Yeah, the peg connecting the waist to the stomache occasionally just plops right off…even if I haven’t touched it for a few days. >.>

  4. ok so i have it, the manipulators are very stiff to remove when placing the sword in, the wings have trouble getting on and the cannon is very crappy when placing on, o also i for got to mention its weight issues

  5. be careful of the beam cannon’s handle! I broke it, Ngee Khiong broke it too, but he came out with a solution though. Transparent parts for WOL attachment are small and hard to fix, you may not want to lose it… the rest are fine :)

  6. i’m planning to buy this kit too, but after reading the comments, i became confused whether to buy it or it really worth the money? or go to the normal MG destiny? also, does the normal one have the same issues/problems with the EBM edition? (excluding the wings of light and clear part effects)..thanks guys..

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