Another SHFiguarts Has Arrived…

My first Web Tamashii limited SHF. My backlog of SHF is increasing faster than I can review them. Despair is my goal! orz


21 thoughts on “Another SHFiguarts Has Arrived…

  1. Accel Trial? Awesome! If there’s any SHF to review next it’s that one, but seriusly, take your time. A long-awaited good review is better than a cranked-out high speed one. I think Infinite Justice and Shining are exeptions though.

  2. TRIAL MAXIMUM DRIVE! lol i cant believe bandai actually release that accel signal or whatever, looking forward for the review/photoshoot.

    How many figuarts do you have by now?

  3. I only wish it was a trick on us all that revealed a rare or otherwise RD figure; that you came to the light and got your Turn X it’s “brother” or some other better RD and started having a ball with it. :)

    I really should start planning out my second set of tree decorations and how to photograph it; my decorations consist of figures and just that… Sure, 1/144-scaled Gunpla mostly are lighter, but I have more figures than models, so far.

      1. Yeah, why not? Sure, I won’t be able to pose them like crazy and think if I should take pictures of them, but it’s a little neat to have them as my ornaments for my own little tree.

        Funny, though; I’m planning to reorganize them days before Christmas for a certain type of alternate display that’ll likely turn out to be better… Hopefully not at the expense of my lights, given my thoughts of what’ll be naturally on top of the tree by then. (Captain Obvious Hint Alert!)

      1. probably two or three…

        An actual PG Strike Freedom should be arriving today to boot. Then I wound up getting Kabuto, Hyper Kabuto and The Hopper Hell Brothers. And the upcoming SIC Kuuga.

        1. wow… that’s like well over $1k right there… Guess it’s safe to assume you won the lottery? xD

          Actually, I think I’m more impressed by your ability to be able to hunt ALL of them down… them Ultimate Rising don’t come cheap nor easy to even spot!

          That’s dedication man! *thumbs up*

  4. Z, since now u also like Kamen Rider, I wonder – did you also get the Figma Kamen Rider Ryuki? I got mine and waiting for the rest of his friends now….

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