Jinnai Tomonori

Laughing is good and Jinnai Tomonori delivers quite a healthy dose of it that can turn anyone’s day right side up; I rewatch many of his clips whenever I need to 元気出して!The guy is a great comedian! Some of you might know of him but if you haven’t, then prepare to LAUGH OUT LOUD!

My current favorite… You can actually learn a few interesting tidbits of Korean in this video ^^

Similar to the Studying Korean video

This is how I learned how to make curry rice.. honest!

If only real driver’s ed looked this fun…

There needs to be a comedy thriller shoot ’em up like this!

Puyo Puyo

How (not) to fall asleep…


Ah… I can watch skits from this guy all night. Share it with friends and everyone can get a hearty laugh out of it ^^. There’s a lot more on youtube but I find these to be one of the more memorable ones. Awesome, yea?



10 thoughts on “Jinnai Tomonori

  1. yea remembered the first time I saw this on your blog, after which I searched it on youtube and I couldn’t stop laughing, it was 12:30 MN and the living room is still full of laughter.

    then I downloaded some of his most funniest clips (most of it is on this post) showed it on my school for the film showing. it was intended as a side show while we wait for the room to fill up, but instead it became the main feature as the students can’t stop laughing. xD

    many thanks for sharing this to us

    1. haha that’s pretty cool. For some reason, it is funnier to watch these clips in a big group than alone (even though it is already really funny). We used to watch his clips using the classroom projector while waiting for Japanese class to start xD

      1. I agree.. as it gets more enjoyable to watch with even a small group of friends, as the simplest joke can turn into a huge laugh.

  2. I loved this videos dude :DD

    Seriously, here in my country we have lot’s of groups and guys that do this kind of stuff…but this guy own’s :D

    Great videos out there :)

    Wanna see your HG Nu Gundam…!!

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