“HEATMETAL!”*cues sound effect* For today, here’s a review of the SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W HeatMetal. And with this, I’m finally done with the first three main forms of W… so it is time to take a break from SHF for a bit (though I might squeeze in one more for the month). Since today is my day off, I can finally work on the very last bit of my 1/144 Nu (topcoat) and begin its review ^^. Lots to do before I head back to work tomorrow!



One thought on “HIITO! METARU!

  1. Cool! And I remember last time someone said about the colour of your header was according to kamen riders(i forgot who he is) But I guess he’s right isn’t he^^ And I look forward to your Nu review!! (Have been waiting for ages)

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