Chinese Food at Lucky Strike

Since most of my friends are free, I’ll be going out a lot to eat over winter break @.@! Well, that means more food photo opportunities for me and my GF1 ^^;. Anyway, it’s been awhile since I’ve last visited this place so it was nice to check them out again with my manager (I almost always come here with her) and a few friends…

Here’s another “read on an empty stomach” post… ;)

The restaurant has changed location since the last time and it is now (literally) inside the Hawthorne Theatre (of all places…). Better furniture and atmosphere than before but gone are the cute Chinese waitresses ToT

Japanese (sushi) plates in a Chinese restaurant… I like this cultural mixture :D. The interior had a lot of artful bits but I didn’t take any pictures because there were a lot of people around us so I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable while they were eating ^^;.

Appetizer! Forgot the name… but it is basically a savory dofu fa in chili oil and spicy sauce with roasted soybeans. It was silky smooth!

Korean seafood pancake… at a Chinese restaurant! I think it tasted more like a seafood okonomiyaki though… what’s with that kewpie mayo and katsuo all over the top. As long as the food is good, I don’t care what kind of restaurant makes it ^^.

om nom nom…

My mushroom royal plate that consists of enoki, oyster mushrooms, and some other stuff…

Oh yea… gotta have the chili peppers!

Spicy pork ears!

You might not be able to tell or even see what this is but it’s pork intestine… yum! Well… the cooked flavor is nice but the intestine tasted kinda… well, how do you put it… stinky? I don’t know how to describe it since it was my first time trying it but if you don’t know what you’re eating here, you’ll get at least get the idea you’re probably getting a dirty part of an animal ^^;

Guinness pork ribs they called this… spare ribs in a really thick soy sauce more/less. It was sweet!

Some sort of spicy beef soup… man was it pungent!

Here’s what I got out of it.

“Dan Dan Noodles”… it came in a small rice bowl but it sure was a mouthful!

My favorite- Hot Pepper Chicken Bath. As the name implies, it is  plate of lightly fried chicken thigh bits swimming in chili peppers. Most flavorful out of the dishes… but for such a huge plate, there really isn’t much actual food (chicken) to eat >_>.

The fun part comes near the end when you have to dig through the pile of peppers to look for any remaining pieces of chicken xD

Pineapple fried rice to round off the meal!

I had to order this because I couldn’t stand the plain rice anymore. For an Asian style restaurant, they managed to get all the food right but totally fail on the most basic part- the rice. It was really offensive to my Chinese tongue; the white rice was just completely dry and the grains did not held together so it was difficult to pick up. To top it off, it doesn’t even come with the food we ordered. It’s not like we wanted to order the white rice but just eating the food plain could be a bit too salty. This is not the first time the rice is bad; I’ve been here more than six times and every time we had to get the rice, it is similar to this with varying degree of offensiveness.  As far as I know, this place has the worst white rice in any Asian restaurants I’ve been to… even compared to the restaurants I hate. This is my only complaint. I love everything else!

If you happen to be in the area, definitely worth trying out… just avoid the white rice if you can.

Afterwards, walked down a few blocks for dessert ^^. Here’s a self-serve shop where you can build your own frozen treats with various bits and toppings.

Peppermint stick yogurt and peach mango yogurt with random toppings including mochi, cheesecake bits, cookie dough, strawberries, gummybear, and marshmellow sauce(?)… what was I thinking?!

Looks like I wasn’t the only one with whacky combinations…


25 thoughts on “Chinese Food at Lucky Strike

  1. I think that Dan Dan noodles are still called Dan Dan noodles in Cantonese. At least that’s what me and my family call it here.

    Rice not being cooked well? That surely doesn’t sound good for food in a Chinese restaurant. I wonder whether it’s the rice used in the first place or the cooker that was used (or both?!). But oh well that’s the problem with Western style oriental restaurants in many cases :\

    1. but don’t you pronounce it as “dom” (yut dom- one bit/mouthful)?

      I think it’s a safe bet to say it’s the rice cooker and maybe not enough water. I’ve been to many Asian restaurants here and even if the food is terrible, at least the rice is edible… this restaurant just happened to be the opposite. Quite a rare case actually xD

      1. in canto, it’s read as “daam”(i think of it as “dahm”) just like Q said. the “a” is pronounced like the “a” in the word “bar.”
        all the other ways to read it with “t,” “o,” or “n” doesn’t sound like canto…
        AFAIK it generally means “to carry” or “to take up the responsibility of.”
        the word you are thinking of is written differently…i think(my written chinese is epic fail). it’s the word for the measurment/counting unit for number of bites(but it doesn’t mean “to bite.” wtf so hard to explain…). “daam daam” used twice like that doesn’t mean mouthful, it means every bite. but since it’s not the same word, i think this meaning is only implied.
        the thing about this name is that the words “daam daam” are neither pronounced as the word “to carry” nor as the unit for number of bites. it’s actually pronounced as someting in between, but much closer to the “bite” word.

        apparently “daam daam min” was invented by a hawker which carried the stuff with one of those shoulder pole things and the name came from the fact that he was carrying it around.

        btw, that tiny bowl of noodles you have there doesn’t exactly look like the stuff. i’d say your beef stew looks exactly like what i have in mind for it >_>

        p.s. =O i made another tl;dr??

        1. @Q, okay… now that I woke up and reread everything… you’re right! “daam” is more close to how I would say it than “dan” (which I read like the Dan in “DANiel”) which I thought was in mandarin. I didn’t intend “dom” to be read as the dom in “FreeDOM” but ahh yea… I get it now xD.

          @Point Blank Sniper you’re better at explaining Cantonese in english better than me at least. “ngow dahm” is “bite one mouth(something)”. “dahm” doesn’t really translate well into English I guess >_>;. The other “dahm” is pronounced differently but I’m not a linguistic person so… but I get what you mean!

  2. What kinda of asian restaurant doesn’t make the rice right?! >=O That’s an felony! But other then that, the food looks good, even though I’m not a spicy food lover myself.

  3. YES PORK GUTS! That’s crazy good man. Especially those Hunan style smoked ones. Z you need to get some Hunan spicy on if you love spicy, it’s all about the smoked meat, fish, chicken, duck, intestines and loads of spicy. Have you ever tried giant fish heads drenched in chopped peppers with noodles? That is the real omnomnom.
    Hmm the frozen yogurt place charges by weight right??

    1. I think I’ve seen that fish head dish in singapore once on a food show. It looks good… but fish head is not really my thing ^^;.

      And yea, they charge you by the weight.

  4. Again I woke up early in the morning with an empty stomach and read this post. All those chilli make me drool*dripdripdrip* I don’t think I could find that in Singapore(maybe because I don’t really know Singapore) But gona go to the mall near my house to buy some chilli crab tomorrow. >< If I do I will post some of that too ^^ (IF)

    1. you must really don’t know singapore then… but neither do I ^^;. But from what I’ve seen, Singapore is like food heaven… I would seriously pay a visit there solely just to eat!

  5. cute chinese waitresses?! Pictures, man!! LOLL jk jk…I can only wonder why they were gone. xP

    The food looks great, but alas, I just happened to read this as I was having dinner…felt like my eyes were tasting it. xD

    I find that you and your friends order ALOT of dishes each time you go out to eat…when my family goes out, it’s usually 4-6 people with only around 4-5 plates. xD

  6. I once read in a newspaper article… The reason they called it “dan dan noodles” is because the noodles are made from “dan”… as in eggs. I may be mistaken but that’s what I read. ^^

    1. Although not noticeable for the common European based language speaker, the tones in Cantonese for eggs and “a mouth full/bite/etc” are very different. The eggs feel more like a “n” in the end, whilst the “dan dan noodles” to me feel more like a “m”, or something. XD

  7. The owners had, I think they said around 3,000 usd worth of dinnerware they bought in China and shipped before they re-opened at the Hawthorne location. Because of a mistake in the paper work from China, they were told that they dinnerware was to be destroyed and that they would have to pay a customs agent a crazy amount of money an hour to break every single dish. So the owners and a few employees went to customs and broke the dishes.

    1. In a hurry they bought the dishes you see now at the restaurant, they plan on buying new dinnerware as soon as they find the right collection.

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