Nu Gundams

I must really love this Gundam…


Too bad all that still doesn’t compare to this though… Imagine an all-out Fin Funnel assault with this Nu Gundam… @.@


44 thoughts on “Nu Gundams

  1. If the nus funnels have to suck power from the mobile suit…

    well, if i lost to a 1on1 against that, i wouldnt feel so bad.

  2. juz imagine if Unicorn Gundam activating NT-D and takes control of all the funnels in the 2nd pic…

    Amuro is so screwed..
    right? xP!!

  3. The Nu Gundam is my second favorite MS ever (second only to the Hi-Nu) so I am very much jealous of this collection… I only have the SD and it’s the older version so it’s not that great… I still love it though; it will lead the charge to destroy Axis once I assemble my own army of Nu Gundams…

      1. Just thought I’d make a note, but I tallied up the number of Nu Gundam variations (including the Hi-Nu and variations thereof) I want to have/customize and I arrived at 20 and growing.

        That’s just GunPla. If I add in action figures and mini-figures, it’s probably 24 or more.

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