Second Sushi Run

Like I’ve mentioned in another post, I’ll be going out to eat quite often this month so there will be more food posts than usual ^^;. Sushi is the from the same place as last time… wow… has it really been that long already? o_O

Ah… good old green tea… I can never get tired of drinking this!

start off the meal with some sort of tempura maki type thing with minced salmon and crabstick in the middle… it was good ^^

Fried baby tako (sorry tako!)

It looks so cute… xD

Shrimp and veggie tempura

Shrimp head tempura…?

Sushi Plate 1

Can you name them all?

There’s more coming…

Yakitori… as much as I love pure white light for gunpla photos, I hate it on food because white light makes food photos look so unappetizing…

Sushi Plate 2

Argh… forgot to bring konata with me to give you guys a scale comparison of how big these sushi are! Let’s just say there is no way you can put any of them in your mouth in one bite…

Well, maybe you can… but you’ll most likely choke. or you’ll just look pretty gross ^^;


Sushi plate 3

Sushi plate 4

I’m quite impressed with how beautiful the cut of the sashimi is; it is almost kinda hard to believe that is raw fish…

I like how loaded with REAL crabmeat the crab roll is…

Still lovin’ my seared salmon…

I heard the sushi at this place used to be even BIGGER five years ago compared to today’s sizes… O_O. I think just-bigger-than-bite-size is the best size for sushi… any bigger seems kinda kimochi warui ^^;.

Killed it. Hit up a local bar afterward for a few drinks and game of pool before calling it a night. Now THIS is a winter break I can enjoy!


Photo session for the Nu is done. Just gotta make an omake (which I already have an idea) or do a review now and omake later… but then I’ll have a backlog of omake as well which is kinda sad ^^;. We’ll see… review coming soon!


23 thoughts on “Second Sushi Run

  1. OISHI………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly died from the excitement just by lookin at the photos…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. argh.. not again Z…. :(
    Now I need to spend money to go to the nearest japanese food to buy chirashi… :( u know what??? I’m on the diet :(

  3. Stop making me go hungry hungry hippo!
    Like, I still have to wait till next week when everything’s done, THEN I’ll be able to hit up the Maison for some good sushi….
    And then probably sing K after and call it a night the same way you did.
    But lo, still 5 days away….

    BTW is the Wing a get for you? I got one for xmas and kinda on the fence about it. (the plain white ‘ears’ are an eyesore) But the transforming gimmick is so sexy..

    1. hm… i don’t really care for the win but I don’t mind getting it if I see it handsomely but that nub on the center of the cockpit hatch bugs me to no end though…

      1. Too late. My gf who gave it to me was hanging out with me and wanted me to start on it. So I did. Already done legs, waist, chest and head. Think Dalong just made a Boo Boo on that chest cockpit piece since mine was alright.

        Want to see when I’m done?

  4. woah – what a feast!
    can you add the total bill to your posts – i find that helpful.
    also, your banner link to your home page is not working anymore.

  5. wah….*drool* Still waiting for my lunch and saw this. Can’t go for the chilli crab yet ’cause my sore throat have not sub-sided yet ^^; but sushi can right? O_O was smacking my lips the whole time^^;

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