Future HGUC Review Poll

So bloggers across Japan and other parts of the world are reviewing the newly released HG 1/144 Gundam X-Divider as we speak and it is looking pretty good for the most part. The beam harmonica is exactly how I feared- monotone plastic. Gonna need some good paint to fix that up unfortunately… I’ll be damned if I leave it bare like that ^^;. I’m still on the edge of picking it up because I am having a hunch of a MG X in 2011… still, that HGAW looks so good! Image taken from Gundam Guy.

Anyway, the 1/144 Nu have made a special place in my heart and I think I’ll now be open to the HGUC/AU line as a whole and so guess you can expect more of such reviews come 2011. Now the biggest question- Which HG 1/144 model would you like to see me review?

Feel free to add your own answers either in the poll or in the comments. Can’t promise anything but your votes will be a good influence on my next loot. Just let me know! Thanks!


76 thoughts on “Future HGUC Review Poll

  1. hey did anyone bother with the delta plus and geara zulu :3 yea sure grunts and pseudo grunts are less spectacular from mainline mechs but hey they do deserve some love ;)

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