HGUC Nu Gundam Review Out!

At long last… I have another Gunpla review up since the end of October o_o. The delay was mainly caused by bad weather preventing me from topcoating the model. Hate to say it, but the review is actually “incomplete” since the omake is not up yet (will finish before end of the year)^^;. Still, just thought some of you might like to at least take a gander at the more relevant part of the review first (as in, the actual “review”) before I plug in the bonus.

One important lesson I learned- Do not topcoat during the winter no matter how “nice” the weather might be. the chemical takes forever to dry and doesn’t go on the parts as nicely as during the warmer seasons. With this in mind, I don’t think I want to work on any bigger projects (or I can just build them but not actually “finish” them) until I can devise a way to topcoat elsewhere (my garage? but my car is in there…) or just wait until it is above 50 degrees F…

I guess I can review some more SHF for the meantime… xD. Anyway, hope you enjoy what I have to offer for now- here it is, the HGUC RX-93 v Gundam!

Oh, one last thing… deadline for the holiday giveaway is approaching fast. If you haven’t do so now, you have until the 20th. I’ll actually start “grading” answers now so I can announce the winner soon after it is over. Thank you all who submitted!


16 thoughts on “HGUC Nu Gundam Review Out!

  1. Nicely done! The topcoat issue I can relate to. I live near a mountain parkway and there’s no way for me to paint or topcoat anything during the fall and winter season, so I’ve had to rely on indoor painting accessories like a paint vacuum box.

  2. You could park the car out side. but might have to warry about snow. me dont worry to much about that i live in Dallas Texas. LOL we dont get that much snow not like people up north.

  3. Read it and its a fantastic review, as always! Now I’ve decided this might not be the best choice for my next HGUC kit. Something about the eyes being connected to the faceplate bothers me. Harder to paint in the eyes that way.

    Oh, man. Weather is annoying for gunpla Senshis like us. Living in BC just adds to the bad luck I have, as the only time I have for building kits, it’s either too cold for paint/topcoat, or it’s raining (too much moisture). WHARGARBLE! Maybe I should move or something, but it’s so cozy here…

  4. Hey Z, jus a suggestion for topcoating in cold days. you might wanna give it a try.

    During cold days i would activate my own sunny-weather-machine aka The Hair Dryer. After shaking the topcoat cans for a good 5mins, give it a good blow with the hair dryer. A good indication of when its enough, is when you hold the can and shake, the liquid inside feels warm to touch. if not, rinse & repeat. That’s Part A.

    Part B is easier.. before you spray your topcoat, jus aim your hair dry at the model kit and blow until the surface is warm. its to minimize the chances of frosting when the topcoat lands on the kit. you may wanna blow the hair dryer ard to warm the air too.. hope it works for you. =)

  5. Look’s good! I know exactly what you mean by cold weather + topcoat problems. I’m in Canada; winter has barely started and it’s already -5 celcius. All my projects are postponed in the winter; I do work to prepare for mass topcoat/painting in the spring XD

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